R-H wishes community a happy Easter

By Jennifer Woods - jwoods@aimmediamidwest.com

Easter is happening this Sunday and many families in Fayette County will be celebrating with church and a visit from the Easter Bunny.

What are some ways to celebrate Easter? There are special church services, egg hunts, cook-outs and many activities available to enjoy the day. Some celebrate with just their kids at home, while others enjoy larger gatherings.

Eggs are used in many ways to encourage fun and creativity for this holiday. There are both real and plastic.

Most people boil eggs before doing activities with them. Others hard cook eggs. It is not suggested to work with raw/ uncooked eggs.

Eggs can be dyed, drawn on, stickered, stamped and even crafted. Grab some supplies from a local dollar store and let your kids of all ages create their own egg-buddies. Be cautious when using a hot-glue gun.

Want to try a different way to decorate eggs that is more suited to older age groups and adults? Check out www.morestylethancash.com/glue-gun-easter-eggs.html for how to use hot-glue guns and dye to decorate eggs. This allows for a more intricate way to style eggs for the holiday.

Would you rather have eggs your kids can decorate and keep? Plastic eggs are a great method to achieve that desire. Plastic eggs do not need boiled and can be stuffed with all kinds of goodies, ranging from candy to coins. Larger eggs can even be stuffed with gift cards.

Plastic eggs can be crafted with as well. Does someone in your group like sparkles? Give the eggs a coating of glitter.

One way to be involved without kids, or even if you want the younger ones to take part in giving to others, is to create a basket of plastic eggs filled with treats. Then leave the baskets on the doorstep of friends, family and neighbors. These eggs can also be decorated or filled. Please note it is not suggested to use real eggs for this idea since you won’t know how long the eggs will be outside.

It is important to be aware of food safety if your child plans to eat Easter eggs. There have been several safety tips collected by www.foodsafetynews.com for handling eggs for Easter. Salmonella can be found both inside and outside eggs.

When buying eggs, choose the freshest cartons and be certain the shells are not broken. Eggs should remain refrigerated at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Before and after handling uncooked eggs, be certain everyone (including the kids) washes their hands thoroughly.

Some people will hollow out eggshells by blowing the raw egg through holes in the shell. It is suggested to first wash the egg in hot water and rinse it in a solution of one teaspoon chlorine bleach per half cup of water (or use pasteurized shell eggs).

Use only food-safe dyes and decorating materials. When dying eggs, using dye water that is warmer than the egg should keep the egg from absorbing that dye.

Eggs should not be left out of the refrigerator more than two hours. The cooked eggs can be stored up to a week in the fridge (not in the door). Eggs with cracked shells should not be hidden as the inside of the eggs can be much easier to contaminate.

It is suggested to consider having two different sets of eggs—one set to decorate and eat, the other set to decorate and hunt. If you are hiding real eggs outside—be mindful of where you hide them as they could come in contact with various contaminants including yard chemicals, animals and birds.

To be safest, just hide the plastic eggs.

Regardless of how you hope to spend your weekend, the staff at the Record-Herald wishes everyone an enjoyable and safe time with friends and family.

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By Jennifer Woods