Shopping locally benefits community

Submitted article

In a brief Tuesday morning talk at the Washington C.H. City Building, City Manager Joe Denen asked local residents to remember that shopping in town during the holiday season can also benefit your family and friends that share our community.

Denen said, “At least $68 dollars of every $100 spent at a locally-owned business is recirculated in our community’s economy.”

He also noted the importance of locally-owned chain businesses, “minimally, $43 dollars of every $100 dollars spent locally recirculates locally. However, I suspect a number of our locally-owned chain businesses do much better than the statistics.”

In closing, Denen wished everyone a Merry Christmas. In particular, Denen noted the employees of the city that will work during the Christmas holiday.

“Water, wastewater, fire and police are operations that continue every day of the year, further street employees address weather issues regardless of the date on the calendar,” said Denen. “On Christmas Day remember that caring people keep us safe.”

Submitted article