FCS releases third quarter honor roll

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Fayette Christian School recently released the third quarter honor roll:


Principal’s Honor Roll (All As):

First grade: Harper Beverly, JaneEllen Coole, Claire Day, Leah Day, Sadie Elder, Grace Hook, Havyn Hughes, Shelby Nolt and Victoria Patton.

Second grade: Abbey Baldwin, Jonah Burns, Gibson Cockerill, Micah Coole, Mirabelle Johnson, Andrew Peterson, Toby Pickerill, Chloe Russell, Isaiah Trenner and Colt Whitaker.

Fourth grade: Zaylee Arrington, Casey Bumpus, Elyse Day and Victoria Peterson.

Fifth grade: Aaron Barker, Scarlett Cockerill, Jacob Crichton, Luisa Epifano and Keziah Knepp.

Regular Honor Roll (All As & Bs):

Second grade: Noah Massie and Zoey Waibel.

Third grade: Brady Johnson, Oliver Johnson, Corbyn Nolt, and Krista Symons.

Fourth grade: Shelby Bumpus and Luke Granger.

Fifth grade: Katelyn Bock, Madison Flemens, Gabrielle Gibbs and Cade Whitaker.

Sixth grade: Gannen McDaniel and Seth Thompson.


Principal’s Honor Roll (All As):

Seventh grade: Allison Barker.

Eighth grade: Nathaniel Crichton, Letisha Knepp and Ryleigh Tooill.

Ninth grade: Emily Barker, Makenna Granger and Megan Sheeter.

Tenth grade: Cherokee Lofino and Lilly Russi.

Eleventh grade: Nicholas Epifano, Lane Hufford, Grace Sheeter and Christopher Tooill.

Twelfth grade: Taylor Brown, Spencer Hanusik, Michael Miller, Macie Riley and Jenna Sams.

Regular Honor Roll (All As & Bs):

Seventh grade: Brady Bumpus and Alex Mitchell.

Eighth grade: Hannah Fuller, Drew Pontious, Luke Turner and Luke Wright.

Ninth grade: Katelynn Crichton and Madison Riley.

Twelfth grade: Grace Ernst.

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