Acting coach set to visit Creative Court House

By Jennifer Woods -

JW Myers

JW Myers

Acting coach, producer and director, JW Myers, will teach two acting classes at Creative Court House: one for adults and one for children.

Myers is known for “The Pledge (2011),” “Flamingo Dreams” (2000) and “A Christmas Tree Miracle” (2013).

Michael Camp, a Washington Court House native who recently gained a role in “Hawaii Five-O,” received his first supporting role in “The Pledge.” Myers said, “He did a nice job. He had not had classes or anything at that point. But I kind of coached him, pulled a nice performance out of him and it worked out well.”

Myers’ current project is called “Transition” — a series that focuses on the current opioid epidemic. He expressed hope in helping people through the series by helping “communicate a little more clearly on what the problem is, how we can help with the problem, and reach out to a segment of our population that some of us have become excommunicated from.”

Myers lived in Los Angeles for awhile, but moved back to his hometown in Maryland approximately 11 years ago. He currently resides there with his wife and two children.

He and his family will be visiting his in-laws soon, who live in Washington Court House. Mandy Miller, president of Creative Court House, asked him to fit the classes into his visit.

Both classes are on Saturday, March 23 at Creative Court House, 143 N. Main St., Washington Court House.

The kids’ class welcomes ages 9-15. It will be from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. The adults’ class is for ages 16-plus and will be from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The number of people is limited to 14 per class. It costs $75 to reserve a spot. If interested, email to purchase your ticket.

Myers enjoys teaching acting classes and has done so for several years. One of his favorite parts is when “the light comes on” and people find “their tribe.” He recounted a story about a child with ADHD doing well with the acting class, because the child was able to focus his energy into the process.

Myers said he uses improvisation as the base for his classes. He explained that improvisation is like playing. He said, “With kids, they know how to play. You don’t have to teach them how to play.” He gives them guidelines and directs them, then “boom: they’re in.”

“Adults have that ability too. Sometimes they take a little bit more coaxing to trick them into dropping their defenses a little bit and playing games with you.” He explained he has his own way to rope people in and get them involved in the learning process. “Everyone’s acting like a 10-year-old in the first 30 minutes or so.”

Myers expressed hope in filling the classes. He has a focus on teaching everyone at least one new thing but having fun while doing it.

Myers explained his interest in moving forward with new projects. He said, “I look forward with great anticipation to doing the next thing that I think will help a lot of people.”

Miller’s son has taken a class with Myers and said, “It made him feel more confident in not knowing people.” She hopes this opportunity can “give kids and adults a creative outlet that they aren’t normally exposed to around Fayette County.”

JW Myers Myers

By Jennifer Woods