Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health conducted the following restaurant and food inspections, according to reports filed with the department.

Feb. 26

VFW 3762, 335 Veterans Way. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: The ceiling tiles inside of the walk-in cooler has now been replaced with new tiles, operation satisfactory.

Feb. 21

Domino’s Pizza #2241, 60 Washington Square. Complaint inspection. Violations/comments: A complaint was received on Feb. 21 regarding hair found in cheesy bread and pizza. According to management the complainant called to notify them of their findings and she asked if they could bring these food items back, the complainant came to the facility without the food and was demanding more food be given to him, the manager stated that they always wear their hair up and wear hats, the person-in-charge had hair restrained by use of a hat and hair pulled back, no evidence of hair found in any food items.

Feb. 19

El Canon Restaurant of Fayette County, 1381 Leesburg Ave. Standard inspection, critical control point. Violations/comments: Certifications in food safety were unavailable, the person-in-charge must ensure that employees are properly trained in food safety. An employee health notification policy was unavailable, employees must be informed of their responsibility to report any food borne illnesses to their managing staff. Written procedure for vomit and diarrhea clean-up were unavailable, the food service operation must have written procedures for their employees regarding vomit and diarrhea clean up. According to the person-in-charge, employees are using their clean hands to turn off the faucet after hand washing, to avoid recontaminating hands, employees may use paper towels or similar clean barriers when touching surfaces such as faucets or door handles. The water pressure at the kitchen’s hand wash sink is extremely low, water under pressure must be provided to all fixtures that are required to use water. Raw meats were found stored over read to eat food items such as cheese slices and lettuce, cooked, raw and ready to eat foods must be separated to prevent contamination, these items were properly separated in the reach-in cooler located in main kitchen area during the inspection. Raw meat was moved to bottom shelf and ready to eat foods were moved to the top shelf. Raw eggs were found stored on a kitchen shelf above the food preparation cooler, these eggs were at about 50 degrees, a food employee discarded these eggs immediately, perishable foods in a cold holding state must be 41 degrees or less. Several food items inside of the reach-in cooler were found without proper date marking, all foods kept in a food establishment more than 24 hours must be date marked, perishable foods must be discarded in seven days to minimize the growth of pathogens, these items were date marked during the inspection. Several food containers were found on kitchen shelf without labels, containers holding food that were removed from its original package within a food establishment must be labeled. Several food items were found inside of walk-in cooler, found without lids or covers, food must be stored in a place and in a way where it is not exposed to contaminants such as dust. Clean food containers were found stored and stacked while wet, after cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils must be air-dried. Small bowls were found stored inside several dry food containers, utensils stored in dry food must have handles above the food content to prevent contamination. The detergent and rinse and for the dish machine was empty and appeared to have been for days, food contact surfaces must be cleaned to sight and touch, the dishwasher replaced the empty containers with new bottles. The floor in the ware washing area had an accumulation of soil food residues and dirty dishes, the physical facility must be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean. IV Knowledge and Responsibility: The person-in-charge needs to review the critical control points, several critical violations were present.

Feb. 15

Nagasaki Restaurant, 240 E. Court St. Follow up inspection. Violations/comments: Employee health notification policy and written procedures for vomit and diarrhea clean up are now available. The chick temperature was at 41 degrees inside of the food preparation cooler and 38 degrees inside of the walk-in cooler. A disposition record of the sushi rice is now available, however written procedures for the production of the qualified rice were not available, a copy of this requirement was provided to the person in charge. The storage room cabinet is now clean therefore no mice droppings found at this time, the person-in-charge provided pest control treatment receipts for Feb. 11, Jan. 28, and Jan. 14. To-go containers were fond stored directly on card board boxes located on storage room shelves, these were discarded during the inspection. The drinking cups are all now stored on a cleanable surface. Test strips for the chlorine sanitizing dish washer are now provided. The overall cleanliness of the facility has improved including the sushi, bar wall, hand sink and storage cabinets. The Pepsi cooler is still present and inoperable.

Streetside 62, 2007 Columbus Ave. Follow up inspection. Violations/comments: The drinking glasses are now clean. Thermometers are now provided for all coolers. The metal slate additions for the ice machine were painted and now appears to be easily cleanable, the spatula was discarded and all other utensils are smooth and easily cleanable. The dishwasher is now dispensing sanitizer. Overall cleanliness of facility has improved. The light intensity inside of the beer walk-in cooler is now corrected.

Frisch’s of WCH, Inc. #19, 1830 Columbus Avenue. Complaint inspection. Violations/comments: A complaint was received on Feb. 15 regarding mold found on a customer dinner purchased on Feb. 14, the complaint brought the dinner to the health department to be inspected. Mold was found on the roll which was placed on the country fried chicken and gravy. All of the bread rolls within the facility were inspected and mold was not found on any of them, according to management the rolls may not have been rotated and discarded on “by use” date, their current procedures are to discard the rolls on the night shift of the use by date, it was recommended to have the rolls pulled from stock on an earlier date and to make sure they are inspecting all products before serving.

Feb. 11

Nagasaki Restaurant, 240 E. Court St. Follow up inspection. Violations/comments: The sanitizer for the ware washing/sink is now dispensing, thank you.

The Willow, 203 Glenn Ave. Follow up inspection. Violations/comments: A hand sink is now provided and properly equipped. Food contact surfaces are now clean to sight and touch, this includes the plates and slicer previously in violation, the non-food contact surfaces such as the shelves located in kitchen are now clean and food equipment is stored away from contaminated items. The overall cleanliness of the facility has improved.