Get involved in 4-H

By Lydia Ulry - Extension Educator – 4-H Youth Development

4-H has opportunities for anyone to become involved. 4-H needs caring adult volunteers to work with our youth. We need individuals who can guide and oversee the learning and life skills development of our 4-Hers. We need more 4-H youth involvement, within Fayette County our 4-H enrollment only accounts for 11.9 percent of the total youth in the county.

Yes, 4-H is another time commitment to add to many people’s already busy schedules. However, “4‑H empowers young people to be true leaders. True leaders are young people who have confidence; know how to work well with others; can endure through challenges; and will stick with a job until it gets done. In 4‑H, we believe true leaders aren’t born they’re grown. 4‑H programs hands on approach gives young people guidance, tools and encouragement, and then puts them in the driver’s seat to make great things happen. Independent research proves the unparalleled impact of the 4‑H experience (National 4-H).”

It maybe another thing to add to your schedule but it is something worth making time for. Ask anyone who has some connection to 4-H, it makes a lasting impression. For myself and many others, 4-H has been a stepping stone that prepared us for our future plans. This program helps youth to find their passions and reach their potential.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about 4-H in Fayette County, please stop in, visit our website (, call (740-335-1150) or email myself at To learn more about 4-H’s more than 570 projects offered, stop in and pick up a Family Guide or visit to learn more.

4-H enrollment in Fayette County closes March 1. So if you are interested in joining 4-H please contact us to get you set up with a club and enrolled for the 2019 year!

By Lydia Ulry

Extension Educator – 4-H Youth Development