Police Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Feb. 19

Robert A. Jackson Sr., 59, last known address 704 Parrot Station Road, non-compliance suspension.

Female, 14, Washington C.H., unruly.

Trina R. Walters, 47, 6528 US 62 Southwest, speed 50/35.

Linda S. Moore, 63, 1400 Grace St., Apt. E, speed 52/25.

Feb. 18

Female, 15, Washington C.H., underage/alcohol.

Female, 14, Washington C.H., underage/alcohol.

Jason D. Cline, 40, 207 W. Elm St., lights required/bicycle.

Feb. 17

Dustin J. Watson, 28, Sabina, OVI, OVI per se.

Scott M. Keneagy, 57, 547 State Route 734 Northeast, license forfeiture suspension, no motorcycle end., failure to wear protective eyewear.

Jerry L. Brady, 64, 1012 Lakeview Ave., speed.

Heather L. Deskins, 39, 707 Bloomingburg New Holland Road, speed.

Natosha N. Curnutte, 30, at large, tampering (third-degree felony), resisting arrest, obstructing official business, possession of drug abuse instruments.

James C. Turner, 27, at large, failure to comply (third-degree felony), robbery (second-degree felony), resisting arrest, obstructing official business, possession of drug abuse instruments.

Feb. 16

Jonathan E. Caldwell, 29, 332 Gregg St., OVI, OVI per se, speed.

Ryan J. Seymour, 41, possession of marijuana (minor misdemeanor).

Steven L. Adams II, 27, Reynoldsburg, speed, license forfeiture suspension, trafficking in meth (third-degree felony), possession of meth (third-degree felony).

Charles A. Gibson II, 30, 914 Washington Ave., non-compliance suspension.

Jonathan J. Smith, 20, Wilmington, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Anthony S. Lewis, 52, Chillicothe, Ross County warrant.

Ashley N. Rohrer, 28, 328 E. Elm St., failure to reinstate.

Donald J. Jordan II, 27, Madison, Ind., fugitive of justice, Indiana warrant.

Feb. 15

Jack G. Camp, 52, 523 Fifth St., driving under suspension license forfeiture, expired registration, fictitious registration.

Raymond L. Brill, 30, 1025 Dayton Ave., Apt. 2, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Thomas B. Speakman, 49, 934 Dayton Ave., physical control.

Feb. 14

Kevin D. Terry Jr., 37, 741 Gregg St., vehicle trespass.

Christopher C. Morris, 19, 510 E. Market St., underage consumption.

Liberty M. Hudson, 40, 735 W. Oakland Ave., non-compliance suspension.

Keith L. Vanslyke, 33, 818 N. North St., license forfeiture, possession of meth (fifth-degree felony), possession of drug paraphernalia (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Victor R. Terhune, 40, 5724 State Route 753 Southeast, no passing.

Ashton D. Potts, 23, Greenfield, speed.

Freddie E. Marcum, 26, 821 Maple St., Apt. B, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Martin Coates, 40, 825 Rawling St., possession of sexually-oriented material.

Lonnie Terry, 57, 511 E. Temple St., Apt. 9, aggravated menacing.

Randy D. Nichols Jr., 49, 2801 State Route 22, criminal trespass.

Feb. 13

Thomas F. Eikenberry, 49, Greenfield, speed.

Daryl K. Murry, 52, London, speed.

David Derouin, 55, at large, obstructing official business.

John R. Lutz, 71, 671 Willabar Drive, improper backing.

Grant St. Clair, 32, 1286 Paddock Loop, parole violation.

Ashley D. Watson, 31, at large, bench warrant – failure to comply, bench warrant – failure to comply, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Patricia L. Thompson, 70, 3388 Virginia Court, marked lanes violation.

Feb. 12

Tyler R. Drake, 22, 3502 US Route 22, domestic (fifth-degree felony).

Thomas B. Speakman, 49, 934 Dayton Ave., failure to assure clear distance ahead, no operator’s license.

Angela S. Trent, Leesburg, speed 40/25.

Michelle L. Denney, 2664 US Route 62 Northeast, speed 40/25.

Melinda J. Gay, 28, 1809 Columbus Ave., Room 203, wrongful entrustment.

Billy J. Williams, 46, 1809 Columbus Ave., Room 203, no operator’s license.

Feb. 11

Michael D. Sturgeon, 23, 912 E. Market St., speed 40/25.

Jeremy Cottrill, 34, 790 Linden Ave., domestic violence (first-degree misdemeanor).