Public Employee Retirees, Inc. hold January meeting

The Record-Herald

Fifteen members and two guests met at the Commission on Aging for the bi-monthly meeting of the Fayette/Madison County Public Employee Retirees Inc., Jan. 23. President Suzanne Turner began by asking everyone to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Bonnie Mitchell, OPERI district representative for District 6, welcomed new president Suzanne Turner. She performed an induction ceremony to welcome the new president to the Fayette/Madison County PERI.

The speaker was Cheryl Stockwell, director of the Fayette County Commission on Aging, where the group meets bimonthly. She offered a great presentation on the situations affecting insurances at this time. Many questions were answered and settled.

The next speaker was Bonnie Mitchell, who also commented on insurance and also H.R.A. security. She encouraged everyone to attend a group meeting to learn more about the H.R.A. Six members are attending the meeting.

Jeanne Immell gave the secretary’s report. The report was accepted. Treasurer Connie Watson gave the treasurer’s report. Larry Cruea audited the books and they passed perfectly.

The members present were Jeanne Immell, Suzanne Turner, Marilee Peterson, John Peterson, Jim Essman, Carolyn Essman, Sylvia Schneider, Sharon Irons, David Junk, Connie Watson, Joyce Spradlin, Robert Spradlin, Patty Barton, Sylvia Hildreth and Ron Burkhard.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, March 27.

The Record-Herald