Celebrating 10 years of the legacy stamp

By Brian Plasters - Managing Editor, ODNR Division of Wildlife

The Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp is celebrating its 10th year of supporting native habitats and the species that depend on them in 2019. Buying a legacy stamp from the ODNR Division of Wildlife allows enthusiasts the opportunity to directly impact the future of Ohio conservation.

For $15 you’ll receive a collectible stamp, window cling and commemorative card. The 2019 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp image is a pair of juvenile barred owls. This is the first time in its 10-year history that more than a single animal has appeared on the stamp. The new stamp goes on sale March 1 at wildohio.gov and all hunting and fishing license vendors.

Of the $15 purchase price, $14 goes to the Wildlife Diversity Fund. Stamp proceeds support activities aimed at protecting and increasing native species through wildlife and habitat management. This includes habitat restoration, land purchases and conservation easements. Funds facilitate conservation easements along riparian corridors, help purchase critical pieces of property to complement existing high-quality habitat, and add contiguous pieces of land to existing wildlife areas.

Funds are also used to produce educational products for students and wildlife enthusiasts, such as the ODNR Division of Wildlife’s award-winning booklets and field guides, as well as additional materials for teachers. Purchasing the stamp helps to ensure that wildlife areas continue to be properly managed for native species and that new lands can be purchased and protected from development.

The goal of wildlife management is to keep common species common while also protecting endangered and threatened native species. The ODNR Division of Wildlife does this, in part, by supporting wildlife research projects with funds collected from the sale of legacy stamps. Wildlife biologists use information they collect to better understand the habits, needs, and issues of Ohio’s native animals. Research is the foundation for sound wildlife management decisions.

For collectors, a limited number of previous years’ stamps are also available for purchase. The stamp has highlighted some favorite species among the amazing variety of Ohio’s native wildlife. Since 2010, the stamp has included a Baltimore oriole, eastern amberwing dragonfly, spotted salamander, black-capped chickadee, midland painted turtle, eastern bluebird, common buckeye butterfly, green heron, and an eastern garter snake. An order form to purchase past stamps is available at wildohio.gov. You can even purchase the stamp as a gift for those who appreciate and enjoy wildlife.

The next decade of conservation begins with a native Ohio caterpillar featured on the 11th Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp. Photo entries are accepted July 29–Aug. 16, 2019, and the winner receives $500. The winning image will be chosen during the annual Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp Photo Contest in September 2019 and will be displayed on the 2020 legacy stamp.

Go to wildohio.gov for contest rules and regulations. Thank you to all those who have previously purchased a legacy stamp.

This article is from the 2019 winter edition of Wild Ohio Magazine.

By Brian Plasters

Managing Editor, ODNR Division of Wildlife