Barrick family to ‘Hope Out Loud’ in WCH

Submitted by Grace Community Church

Barrick family

Barrick family

Jen Barrick

Over the weekend of Jan. 25-27, Washington Court House will be visited by one of the most inspirational and fascinating families in America, the Barrick family. Although their story has been told by the NBC Today Show and other major media platforms, the Barricks are not celebrities. They are a family that has dealt with tragedies so extreme that it is amazing to see and hear the story of hope they share with others.

On a crisp November evening in 2006, Jen Barrick, at age 15, had just had the time of her life singing in her choir as a blossoming, radiant young woman. But in the blink of an eye, everything changed for Jen and her family – her father and mother, Andy and Linda, and her younger brother, Josh.

They were just one mile from home and had no way of knowing what was about to happen. Barreling toward them at 80 mph, with no headlights, a drunk driver slammed head-on into their minivan. The family members had to be rushed to four different hospitals. Jen suffered the most life-threatening injuries, and it was feared she would not live through the night. But thanks to thousands of prayers and the miraculous healing hand of God, Jen survived, as did the entire Barrick family. Yet, the road to recovery has been long and grueling.

Jen remained in a coma for five weeks, having received severe traumatic brain injury and multiple skull fractures. Yet little-by-little Jen began to recover, and miracle-after-miracle began to unfold. Even though she couldn’t remember that “2 + 2 = 4,” Jen could remember every Bible verse she had ever memorized and the words of every worship song she had ever sung. Everyone – even the doctors – knew that God was at work. There was no other explanation, God was whispering “HOPE” in Jen’s ear.

Today, Jen still faces daily struggles. Though now legally blind and suffering from chronic pain and fatigue, Jen knows there is no limit to what God can accomplish through her life. Her physical limitations make it much more difficult, but Jen’s jewelry making and design has given her a new confidence and a way to tell of God’s hope to the hurting. Jen’s one passion in life is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through her ministry, Hope Out Loud, Jen is now speaking at engagements, radio and TV appearances. God has opened many various doors of opportunity for Jen to give hope to millions of wounded people.

So impressed are they by the Barrick family, several area churches have partnered together to bring the Barricks and their Hope Out Loud message to Washington Court House. Jen’s story will be the focus at a community worship service Saturday, Jan. 26, hosted by Heritage Memorial Church, which is located at 1867 Old US 35 NW. The celebration begins at 6 p.m. and will include the collaborative praise music of multiple churches. The public is warmly invited to participate in this event.

On Sunday morning, the Barricks will be at Grace Community Church, located at 525 South Glenn Ave., for the worship service which begins at 10 a.m. Andy, Linda and Jenn will tell more of the family’s story and explain how true hope is available for everyone, no matter the difficulty they are facing. As with the Saturday event at Heritage Memorial Church, the public is cordially invited to attend the Sunday morning service at Grace Community Church.

For additional information on the Barrick family and their visit to Washington Court House, visit: or call the Grace office at (740) 333-5433.

Barrick family family

Jen Barrick Barrick

Submitted by Grace Community Church