Blanchester Police: Alcohol fuels 2 separate incidents

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BLANCHESTER — A local man was charged after police say a business’ window was broken as they tried to restrain him.

Shortly after midnight on Sunday, Jan. 6, Ptl. Micah Day was downtown when he heard glass break in the area of the Eagles Club at 113 S. Wright St., according to Police Chief Scott Reinbolt.

“Ptl. Day went to the Eagles Club and saw a plate-glass window broken out of the front of the building and approximately 10 individuals in some sort of altercation at the front door of the club,” Reinbolt said.

“Ptl. Day called for assistance and was able to ascertain that some of the men present were restraining a man named Oscar Tedrick. Another Blanchester police officer arrived at the scene and the two officers attempted to remove Tedrick from the crowd. He resisted those efforts and was placed under arrest.

“A Sheriff’s Deputy then arrived and the deputy and Ptl. Day went into the club to make inquiries,” Reinbolt continued. “They learned that Tedrick had been drinking alcoholic beverages in the club. The barmaid, who by happenstance is his wife, refused to serve him due to his state of intoxication. Tedrick became angry in response and a struggle ensued, which resulted in the front window of the club being broken out.”

Tedrick, 45, of rural Blanchester, was taken to the Blanchester police station “where his course of disorderly conduct continued,” said Reinbolt. “He was charged with misconduct at an emergency and disorderly conduct by reason of intoxication” and was taken to the Clinton County Jail. He will answer the misdemeanor charges in the Clinton County Municipal Court.

“While the entire situation is regrettable, I appreciate the Eagles’ barmaid being responsible and refusing to serve alcoholic beverages to an obviously intoxicated man,” Reinbolt said.

”It should also be noted that officers of the Eagles Club were present, understood the serious nature of what was taking place, and assured that police had the support they needed during the incident.”

Another charged

Blanchester police were dispatched to a domestic dispute on Leonard Drive at around 12:30 a.m., Reinbolt said.

One officer remained at the police station with the previously mentioned intoxicated arrestee while the other on-duty Blanchester officer responded, requesting assistance from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, Reinbolt said.

He said Ptl. Micah Day arrived at the address and found that Joshua Fox, 35, and his wife had become involved in an argument that had escalated; a deputy sheriff arrived to assist, and he and Ptl. Day placed Fox under arrest for domestic violence.

“Fox, who was highly intoxicated, was disorderly throughout his contact with police, including directing insults and vulgarity at the officers during the booking process at the police station,” said Reinbolt.

Fox was taken to the Clinton County Jail and will answer the charge in the Clinton County Municipal Court.

“We are appreciative of the assistance of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office in this incident,” Reinbolt said.

“On Monday afternoon Fox came to the police station where he apologized for his behavior toward the arresting officers,” he added.

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