Two charged with assaulting officers

Vernon, Tigue arrested this week in separate incidents

By Ryan Carter -




Over a three-day span this week, two individuals were arrested for allegedly assaulting Washington C.H. Police Department officers.

On Wednesday morning, officers were dispatched to 1224 S. Hinde St., Apt. B, in reference to a domestic dispute, according to reports. Officers spoke with the alleged female victim and the alleged offender, Brock N. Vernon, 28, of 1224 S. Hinde St.

After hearing both sides of the story, officers attempted to take Vernon into custody for domestic violence. Police said Vernon was holding the couple’s 6-month-old child, and he was ordered to give the baby to the woman or set him down.

Vernon allegedly did not comply, started backing up toward a corner of the living room and wrapped both of his arms around the baby. He sat on the couch, was given another command to give the child to the woman, but once again he refused, reports said.

Two officers then grabbed Vernon’s arms to pry them apart in order for another officer to retrieve the child safely. The child was handed over to the alleged victim.

During this time, Vernon was reportedly still resisting arrest, and he punched one of the officers in the side of the face near his eye. Officers then gave him “compliance strikes to the thigh and the upper back muscles,” reports said. He finally placed his hands behind his back and was handcuffed.

Once outside, Vernon “became dead weight,” and officers had to carry him to the cruiser, reports said.

Vernon was charged with assault on a peace officer (a fourth-degree felony), disrupting public service (a fourth-degree felony), obstructing official business (a fifth-degree felony), endangering children (a first-degree misdemeanor), domestic violence (a first-degree misdemeanor), and resisting arrest (a first-degree misdemeanor).

He is currently being held in the Fayette County Jail.

Earlier in the week, on Monday at about 6 p.m., officers received a complaint of a domestic dispute at 2001 Heritage Drive, Apt. 2. A woman identified as Amber Tigue, a 40-year-old resident of the apartment, and a man were reportedly arguing and shouting.

Tigue was violating the terms of her probation at the time by being intoxicated. Police also told her several times to stop yelling and cursing at the man. Her probation officer advised police via phone that she had violated her probation and to arrest her, according to reports.

Police asked Tigue “to put on shoes and a coat which she reluctantly and slowly completed,” reports said. “She proceeded to tell officers that she would not get in a patrol cruiser without smoking a cigarette. The defendant continued to curse loudly and was advised to stand and place her hands behind her back.”

When officers went to handcuff Tigue, she allegedly resisted and would not follow directions. As officers tried to gain control of both her arms, she continually flailed and kicked her legs. She also allegedly threatened to kill the officers.

Once she was finally secured in handcuffs, she calmed briefly, but then bucked upwards, reports said. As she did this, she reportedly grabbed an officer’s testicles and “proceeded to clamp down.”

The officer was able to free himself, and as he did, Tigue allegedly attempted to access his pepper spray on the front of his duty belt. She was unsuccessful, and was finally taken to a police cruiser.

All of these actions reportedly happened in the presence of Tigue’s 2-year-old son.

Tigue was charged with assault on a peace officer (a fourth-degree felony), aggravated menacing to peace officers (a first-degree misdemeanor), resisting arrest (a second-degree misdemeanor), obstructing official business (a second-degree misdemeanor), and disorderly conduct (a fourth-degree misdemeanor).

She is being held in the Fayette County Jail on a $5,000 bond.


Vernon, Tigue arrested this week in separate incidents

By Ryan Carter

Reach Ryan Carter at 740-313-0352 or on Twitter @rywica

Reach Ryan Carter at 740-313-0352 or on Twitter @rywica