Fayette/Madison PERI holds bi-monthly meeting

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Twenty people, including three guests, met at the Commission on Aging for the bi-monthly meeting of the Fayette/Madison County Public Employee Retirees Inc., Nov. 28.

President Sylvia Hildreth began by asking everyone to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

The first speaker was Steve Toth, trustee, of the state OPERS. The conversation concerned health insurance problems to watch for, COLA circumstances which could be a problem and various elements of the investment returns which could affect future income.

Jim Rosendahl, benefits representative for various types of insurance available from Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA), reminded the group of many insurances and advantages available to members.

Bonnie Mitchell, District 6 representative, explained that there are many worries about building the health insurance income to keep health insurance affordable. Many subjects such as this and COLA are being viewed regularly.

Jeanne Immell gave the secretary’s report. Treasurer Connie Watson gave the treasurer’s report.

Sylvia asked if the nominating committee, Connie Watson and Sharon Irons, had found a president and a secretary for the next two years. Sylvia’s presidency has reached the end because the limit is six years. Earlier in her membership she was president for five years so she has served wonderfully. After much discussion, Suzanne Turner agreed to be president and Jeanne Immell, who is grandfathered in, stayed on as secretary.

Larry Cruea accepted doing the auditing of the treasury books.

Dues are due in January.

The members present were Jeanne Immell, Marilee Peterson, Sylvia Schneider, Luella Puckett, Connie Watson, Patty Barton, Marcia Baird, Cathy Littleton, David Junk, Larry Cruea, Kay Cruea, Sylvia Hildreth, Penny Johnson, Elsie Slagle, Bill Garringer, Harriett Garringer and Ron Burkhard.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019.

Submitted article