Warmer temps expected this weekend

By Martin Graham - mgraham@recordherald.com

With the Christmas season underway the community can look forward to some slightly warmer days that may continue through coming weeks.

According to weather.com, Friday will begin with cloudy skies and a high temperature of 46 degrees. Wind is expected to blow throughout the day from five to 10 miles per hour. During the afternoon, expect occasional showers with a 60 percent chance of rain which will increase to 90 percent overnight. The wind will pick up and continue throughout the evening at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. Rainfall is expected to be about a quarter of an inch in accumulation. The low temperature should be expected around 43 degrees.

Staying with this trend, Saturday will also be wet and slightly warm with a high temperature of 46 degrees and a low of 39. Rain will continue to pour with the possibility of about half an inch of accumulation accompanying a 100 percent chance of precipitation. As the night continues winds will slow to between five to 10 miles per hour and the chance of rain will be 70 percent. Occasional rain should still be expected.

As Sunday begins residents should expect the rain to die down slightly and cloudy skies to persist throughout the day. The temperature will remain at a 46 degree high, but the evening will see a cooler temperature in the low 30s. Winds will remain gradual at around five to 10 miles per hour. Currently little to no rain is expected Sunday night.

Following the weekend’s example, the high temperatures for next week are expected to remain in the 40s and the lows vary from high 20s to mid 30s. Rain is expected Thursday, but chances for precipitation will remain low with winds blowing upwards of 15 miles per hour. An early Christmas forecast puts the temperature at about 34 degrees with a low of 26. Little to no precipitation could occur, but more information should be available next week.

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By Martin Graham