Peterson announces Senate passage of bill promoting Ohio agritourism

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COLUMBUS – State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) announced Wednesday the passage of legislation that seeks to expand opportunities in Ohio’s agritourism industry.

The bill removes regulatory and liability barriers that restrict the growth of small businesses in Ohio’s vibrant agritourism industry, according to Peterson. Agriculture contributes more than $100 billion to the state’s economy every year.

“This bill simultaneously promotes small business growth while protecting and expanding opportunities for Ohio’s agriculture industry,” said Peterson. “It’s important that we allow entrepreneurs to thrive while promoting the diverse experiences that Ohio agriculture has to offer.”

Activities included under agritourism in Ohio range from picking apples, pumpkins and strawberries to taking a hayride on a local farm, or navigating a corn maze, among many other outdoor, family-centric activities.

The legislation clarifies many of the regulations that have discouraged farmers from participating in agritourism and alleviates concerns with liability that farmers have in order to promote the growth of agritourism across the state, Peterson said. Agritourism providers will be protected from civil action in cases associated with the inherent risks of a farm.

Senate Bill 75 will now be sent to the Ohio House for further consideration.

Submitted article