First dose of winter weather projected for county

By Martin Graham -

Following projected inclement winter weather overnight, Fayette County could see more freezing rain during the day Thursday and low temperatures over the next week.

According to, Thursday will begin with a 90 percent chance of freezing rain in the morning, which will change to light rain by the afternoon. The high temperature is expected around 38 degrees and winds will blow up to 10 miles per hour. By the evening, the chance for rain will fall to 70 percent with a low temperature of 29 degrees. The winds could pick up and blow around 20 miles per hour.

“It doesn’t look like it is going to be a terrible storm. I think it is going to go more east of us, but we are probably going to get some snow and ice out of it,” Fayette County Sheriff Vernon Stanforth said. “But as usual since it is the first significant snowfall of the year, everybody has to retrain themselves into the mindset of driving on slick roadways and giving themselves more than adequate time to stop. Drivers need to make sure they aren’t following another too closely and realize that if you don’t feel comfortable driving in this weather, it is best you stay home.”

Friday is expected to be cloudy with a slight chance of precipitation. Temperatures are expected to be a high of 42 degrees and a low of 28 degrees. According to, this trend will continue throughout the weekend, with a high of 44 on Saturday and a low of 25 on Sunday. Winds could blow up to 10 miles per hour, but are expected to be light overall and under five miles per hour.

“We are aware of the forecast, we have plenty of material to put down,” Fayette County Engineer Steve Luebbe said. “The trucks are ready to go, the guys are ready to go. So this forecast is not a question of ‘if’ for us, but is just a matter of time so we are going to be out. I predict a mild winter every year. I am usually wrong, but I come in with some wishful and positive thinking, and we will deal with it as we can.”

Throughout the next week leading up to Thanksgiving, expect some scattered rain and cloudy skies. Temperatures are currently not expected to get over 50 degrees and will stay at or below freezing most evenings.

Stay with the Record-Herald all this winter season for updates on inclement weather.

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By Martin Graham