Fayette County Board of DD creates endowment fund

Submitted by Fayette County Board of DD

Over the last few years, the Fayette County Board of DD has been facing a dilemma related to donations, according to Board of DD officials. Simply put, contributors prefer donating to a not for profit entity thus being able to claim the benefit on their annual taxes, officials said. As a governmental agency, FCBDD can accept donations but is unable to provide the coveted tax donation document to donors.

FCBDD relies heavily on county tax levies for operations in addition to reimbursement received from the Ohio Department of DD, the Ohio Department of Medicaid, and the Ohio Department of Education. Although the Fayette County community has been supportive of levies, there remains a need to secure grants and other sources of income to help supplement the dollars, officials said.

Case in point, the playground at the Starting Gate dates back 20 years with most of the equipment well over its expected lifespan. Valero entered the picture late last year culminating with a recent donation of $20,000 to begin the replacement of some equipment. Others have expressed interest but require the tax donation document for tax purposes.

A small group of interested community volunteers began researching the creation of a not for profit to support the DD programs and services, however numerous obstacles including expense led to the Greene County Community Foundation aka Greene Giving, officials said.

Greene Giving is a 501(c)(3), which serves as a charitable foundation for numerous organizations throughout Ohio. For some they serve and manage investment accounts, for others they serve as a pass-through account for donations and expenditures.

A fund was established at Greene Giving named Fayette County Endowment for DD, and will be managed by a five-person committee composed of community volunteers who will oversee both donations received, and expenditures made. This committee, chaired by Fayette County Prosecutor Jess Weade, will meet quarterly as the need arises.

The Fayette County Endowment for DD offers a way to accept donations, receiving the benefit of the tax donation document. If you are looking for an end of the year contribution, donations can be made to this fund by visiting the FCBDD website and opening the donation link, officials said. All gifts are appreciated and welcomed.

Submitted by Fayette County Board of DD