Spaghetti Supper returns this Saturday

By Martin Graham -

Just a couple days are left before the semi-annual Spaghetti Supper returns for the community to enjoy.

The Washington Shrine Club will hold its Spaghetti Supper on Saturday from 4 until 8 p.m. at the Mahan Building on the Fayette County Fairgrounds. Adults can eat for $7, and children 6-years-old and under can eat for $5 with tickets available by stopping in at Doug Marine Motors or Hartley Oil.

“We really like to try and make this Spaghetti Supper a community event,” Washington Shrine Club President Jeff Detty said during an interview Thursday. “We try and keep the price low and affordable for everyone.”

Detty said thanks to this meal and some other fundraising efforts, the club donated over $32,000 last year to Shriner Hospitals for Children. This is about on par per year with how much the Washington Shrine Club is able to donate thanks to the community. Detty said this effort from the community has continued to make them one of the largest supporters of certain Shriner Hospitals the club helps to fund.

“We are a big benefactor and it all comes from community support,” Detty said. “They really come out and support that supper and it is awesome. Through that we also got some money back this year. This $5,000 dollars was given to the Fayette County Memorial Hospital, which was partially raised from the supper last year.”

Detty said that every little bit helps them out to raise money in support of both local and Shrine based organizations, and thanked the community for its continued support of the club.

“We encourage everyone to get a ticket while they are still available and come out to enjoy a meal,” Detty said. “It is a good supper, we give good service and it is a fun time. We really appreciate everyone coming out and we will make sure they are entertained and well-fed.”

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By Martin Graham