Land Transfers

The following local land transfer entries were recently released:

Oct. 15

Nancy K. Campbell to Nancy K. Campbell, 24.02A/18.00A VMS 5866 etc Jeff Twp/23.10a Union Twp Rt 35 NW Beneficiary Designation.

Heather Noble, Heather Halliday Noble, Heather Ann Noble, Eric Noble, to Lotz Drive Properties, LLC, 144 & 145 Belle Aire Sub 10 Wash 1310 & 1320 Lotz Dr.

Thomas A. Poe, Karen L. Poe to Thomas A. Poe, Karen L. Poe, 15/TR Von Steuben Place Sub Union Twp.

Christopher J. Humphreys to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, pt 498 C O Stevens & Bereman Add Eash 901 & 907 E Paint St.

Oct. 16

Creek Rock LLC to Barbara A. Carranza TR, Margaret R. Trust, Ruth W. King Trust, 62.063A VMS 663 union Twp Creek Rd SE.

Barbara A. Carranza TR, Margaret R. King Trust, Ruth W. King Trust to Barbara A. Carranza, 62.063A VMS 663 Union Twp Creek Rd SE

Keatta R. Elliott, Larry O. Elliott to Mindy L. Dye, 42 Armbrust Willabar Add Wash 1115 Golfview Dr.

Steven Alan Rhoades DECD to Judith Ann Rhoades, 11.939A VMS 8493 Union Twp 3491 Old Springfield Rd NE Ref O/R v49 p575 AFDT death.

Judith Ann Rhoades to Judith Ann Rhoades, 11.939A VMS 8493 Union Twp 3491 Old Springfield Rd NE Designation of Beneficiary.

Timothy A. Adkins, Mary Adkins to Dylan W. Bivens, PT 142 Rawlings Add Wash 530 E Temple St.

David L. Junk, Frances P. Junk to David L. Junk, Francis P. Junk, 73 Quail Run Sub 4 Wash 6 Hampton Designation of Beneficiary.

Leonard E. Potter DECD to Mary Ann Potter 9 Bendel & Roebucks Add/TR Maple St Jeffvl 35 Maple St REF O/R v137 p360 AFDT death.

Mary Ann Potter to Mary Ann Potter, Jeremy Potter, 9 Bendel & Roebucks Add/TR Maple St Jeffvl 35 Maple St.

Randy Maag Jr. to Trenton Maag, 41 C W Henkle & Co Sub Wash 1103 S. Hinde St.

Oct. 17

M. Lynn Milstead-Lewis, Lynn M. Milstead Lewis, Patrick A. Lewis to Janet Synder, David Synder, PT 2 W T Howards Add Jeffvl 31 E High St.

Eric Burden GDN, Ruth M. Burden to Hayden R. Bottorff, PTS 32/33 Jeffvl 35 S Main St.

Rolland Jewell III, Jamie Jewell, Jamie Webb, to Bradley A. Adams, Elizabeth A. Rowland, 44 Wash Oaks Sub Wash 828 Willard S.

Lewis I. Longcoy to Lewis I. Longcoy, 1.500A VMS 7862 Mad Twp 8247 Rt 207 NE Designation of Beneficiary.

CH-Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran CH to Harvest Life Worship Center INC, 2.00A VMS 843 etc/1 J Stone Walker Add Wash 1003 N North St.

Grace Ann Cottrill, Grace A. Cottrill to Grace Ann Cottrill, Grace A. Cottrill, pts 18/20 Wash Park Add Wash 816 Broadway St. Designation of Beneficiary.

Grace Ann Cottrill, Grace A. Cottrill to Grace Ann Cottrill, Grace A. Cottrill, 75 Elmwood Add Wash 146 Fairview Ave Designation of Beneficiary.

Kristen B. Merritt to Shane D. Merritt, 2.777A VMS 810 Union Twp 1606 Old Chillicothe Rd.

Eloise Ann Blake to Eloise Ann Blake, 0.50A/0.486A Union Twp 1373 Dayton Ave Designation of Beneficiary.

Kevin G. Bennington TR, Mark A. Bryant TR, Larry D. Clarke TR, Marc A. Palmer, TR, Duroc Trust to Jared S. Clark, Brooke L. Clarke, 6 Duffs Fork Sub Mad Twp Beale-Hicks Rd.

Geneva L. Washburn DECD, Fay J Washburn DECD to Jimmie W. Washburn, Rebecca D. Rowe, Tonya S. Tuttle, PT 18 Graves Sub Wash 1033 Wash Ave REF O/R v130 p265 AFDT Term Lf Est.

Fay J. Washburn TR DECD, Fay J. Washburn Trust to Tonya S. Tuttle RTR, Fay J. Washburn Trust, 18 Graves Sub Wash 1033 Wash Ave AFDT Suc TR.

Tonya S. Tuttle TR, Fay J. Washburn Trust to Harry R. Moore, Bonita R. Moore, PT 18 Graves Sub Wash 1033 Wash Ave.

Oct. 18

Megan Spears, Megan Hitt, Greg Spears to North Shore Primitives & Antiques LLC, 0.312A/0.308A/TR Vacated Alley Wash 153 S. Hinde St.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana Trust, Residential Credit Opportunities Trust V to Brandy E. Carnein, 5.6603A VMS 739 Wayne Twp 2955 Bogus Rd SE.

Thomas L. Heath, Holly N. Heath to George Randall Knox, pts 30/31 Belle Aire Sub 4 Wash 615 Belle Aire Place.

Janet Snyder to Janet Snyder, David Snyder, TR Washington Ave. Wash 742 Washington Ave.

Dwight E. Hedrick, Sharlene Lyle-Hedrick, Sharlene Lyle Hedrick to Robert D. Hedrick, 62 Brownell Sub 1957 Wash 1239 Vanderbilt Dr.

Robert D. Hedrick to Robert D. Hedrick, 62 Brownell Sub 1957 Wash 1239 Vanderbilt Dr. Designation of Beneficiary.

Dwight E. Hedrick to Dwight E. Hedrick, Unit 813 Fairway Condominium Wash 813 Leesburg Ave Designation of Beneficiary.

Kathryn Bailey, Kathryn Jane Kasberg to Kathryn Jane Kasberg, TR Washington Ave Wash 622 Washington Ave.

Oct. 19

Jeffrey A. Wilson, Heather Wilson, Jeff Wilson to James R. Lokai, TR Temple St Wash 601 E Temple St.

Floretta T. McGath TR DECD, Floretta T. McGath Trust to Martha Holden TR, Floretta T. McGath Trust, 4.908A VMS 4685/6 Trimble Sub Mad Twp AFDT Suc Trustee.

Martha Holden TR, Floretta T. McGrath Trust to Cheryl Lyne Wilson, 4.908A VMS 4685 Mad Twp Rt 207.

Kent L. Lute, Sue E. Lute, Sue Lute, to Albert Hatfield, PT Inlot 60 Wash 210 W Market St.

Oct. 22

Betty L. Oesterle to Lucinda Hodson, Brenda Berner, Ronald L. Oesterle, Daniel Oesterle, PT 3 Armbrust Willabar Village Add Wash 1007 Leesburg Ave Subj Lf Est.

Jayson D. Gordon to Harry Joseph Langley, Dona Ranelle Langley, 8.8617A VMS 9034 Etc Perry Twp Staunton Sugar Grove Rd.

Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Assn to Richard A. Anders, Dianna L. Anders, 25 Octa Jasper Twp 8097 Railroad St.

John W. Gilmore DECD to Kelli Lee Gilmore, Melissa M. Simons, Kimberly D. Smith, Kyle W. Gilmore, 202 Storybrook Add Sec 7 Wash 401 Kimberly Dr. REF O/R v196 p3236 Confirmation AFDT.

Oct. 23

Stephen Kingery, Lisa Orr-Kingery, Dan W. Pachinger, Dan Pachinger to Jim Chrisman, 466 Beremans Add Wash 1014 E Market St.

Community Action Commission of Fayette County to Anthony W. Mickle, Sr., Sandra D. Mickle, TR Clinton Ave Wash 812 Clinton Ave

Randall E. Lewis, Randall Lewis, Sandra J. Pettit, Sandra Jayne Pettit Lewis, Bret A. Pettit Lewis, Yolanda Faye Lewis to Fine Swine LLC, 296.4482A Paint Twp 10029 Danville Rd.

Milan Hansen, Linda Hansen to Jon M. West, 3/PT 4 Brownells 1957 Sub Wash 3 Winnipeg Place.

Doris Jefferson Mavis EST to Geoffrey S. Mavis, 400.00A/3.00A/510.1052A VMS 3703 Etc Paint Twp 7566 Rt 38 NE.