Land Transfers

The following local land transfer entries were recently released:

Sept. 25

Dwight Hedrick to Dwight Hedrick, Unit 813 Fairway Condominium Wash 813 Leesburg Ave T.O.D. Designation.

Jamie B. May to Fifth Third Mortgage co, REF O/R V215 P3328 AFDT Corrected Date.

Annette K. Hudson to Brennon Williamson, 92 Woodsview SUB 7 Jeffvl 345 Woodsview Dr.

Nicholas M. Davey, Stephanie Marie Davey to William Harrison Feasel, Melissa Dawn Feasel , 7 Knox Knoll SUB Jeff Twp 7666 Rt 41 NW.

Ethan Fitzpatrick, Ethan W. Fitzpatrick, Destiny Fitzpatrick to Thomas M. Seaman, 0.4110A VMS 6193 Gd Hope 7258 Rt 753 SE.

Jeffrey L.Williams to Stacy L. Skaggs, 22 Woodrow L Deskins SUB 2 Union Twp 340 Joanne Dr.

Nancy E.Gulick to Nancy E. Gulick, 48 Village Green SUB Phase III Bloombg Paint Twp 112 N Lexington Ct AFDT Marital Status | REF O/R V187 P171.

Ryan R.Yenger, Megan Yenger to Wallace E. Napier Jr, Ashley N. Napier, 1.448A Jeffvl Jeff Twp/0.442A VMS 1283 Jeffvl 40 E. High St.

Jeffrey F.Harper, DECD to Beth L. Harper, 43.004A VMS 628 ETC Marion Twp 6880 Rt. 22 SE REF O/R V192 P3500.

Barton Fraysier, Kelli Fraysier to Kelli Fraysier , 0.775A/1.025A VMS 5219 Paint Twp 10980 Danville Rd.

Donald William Asbell to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, PT 904 L C Coffman ADD Wash 503 2nd St.

Lisa Anne Custisto James T. Custis, 7.566A VMS 12182 ETC Concord Twp 3851 Snowhill Rd SW.

James T.Custis to Stephen E. Popper, Cheryl A Popper, 7.566A VMS 12182 ETC Concord Twp 3851 Snowhill Rd SW.

Terry D.Wilson, Sally Wilson to Richard Allen, Inlot 30 Gd Hope 3965 Main St SE REF O/R V216 P2674 rerecord.

Jason Hoover Tolle, Stacie N. Tolle to Dennis Murphy, 0.0026A TR Gregg St/TR North St, Wash 606 N North St.

Christina Copas, Shawn D. Copas, Shawn Copas to Ollie D. Sponcil, Rhonda L. Sponcil, 6.223A/6.565A VMS 7364 Perry Twp 1854 & 1834 York Rd.

Mark JPitstick to MPJM Properties LLC, 13 Armbrust Highland Heights ADD/Pt Inlot 80 Wash 216 E. Temple St./606 Perdue Plaza.

Shirley J.Black to Eric Pitstick, Jennifer Pitstick, 102 Storybrook ADD SEC 4 Wash 525 Spring Ave.

TFO Tech Co LTD to Jerry T Curnutte, Barbara Curnutte, 22 Highland Meadows SUB Wash 1001 Farmington Lane.