Fayette/Madison PERI holds bi-monthly meeting

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Fifteen people met at the Fayette County Commission on Aging for the bi-monthly meeting of the Fayette/Madison County Public Employee Retirees Inc. on Sept. 26.

The president of the organization, Sylvia Hildreth, began by asking everyone to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

The speaker for the event was Terry Summers, local funeral director at Summers Funeral Home. Summers had an informative program concerning preparation for funerals, handling government programs for the aged and ailing and suggestions concerning preparations for aging. His program was appreciated by the group.

Jeanne Immell gave the secretary’s report. Treasurer Connie Watson gave the treasurer’s report. The reports were accepted.

Jim Essman mentioned how important it is to be available for PERI to be able to get ahold of Fayette/Madison County members to relay information that may require letters or calls to OPERS for disagreement concerning OPERS choices, such as House Bill 413, which involves COLA. Essman asked for anyone who wasn’t on the current list to put their names on the list so he, as legislative chairman, could contact them.

The president reminded everyone that the insurance choices for dental and vision must be made in October. If you need information concerning vision and dental, contact OPERS. Health and drug insurance must be chosen between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7. Sylvia also reminded everyone that drug insurance is more apt to change each time, so get in contact with VIA Benefits or someone who handles open enrollment.

Sylvia asked for volunteers to serve on the nominating committee. Connie Watson and Sharon Irons accepted the position. They will get nominees for president and secretary for 2019-20. Sylvia Hildreth must retire because her six-year term is over.

The president informed the group that seven members attended the annual PERI meeting in Columbus. It was very informative. There is concern that there must be a better income for the retiree income and health insurance programs. OPERS is working very hard at improving both programs.

Connie Watson informed everyone that the PERI group has a site on Facebook now and they are trying to share it to inform people of their presence. They need more members to be active in OPERI. If you can look it up and share it on your Facebook, they can inform members of meetings, etc.

Every year the group makes a donation to the Commission on Aging as a thank you for use of the room. Marilee Peterson made the motion to make the donation and Bonnie Kellenberger seconded. It passed.

The members present were Jeanne Immell, Penny Johnson, Jim Essman, Carolyn Essman, Marilee Peterson, Denna Morgan, Luella Puckett, Connie Watson, Sylvia Hildreth , Ron Burkhard, Harriett Garringer, William Garringer, Sharon Irons, Alan Neff and David Junk.

Submitted article