Autumn at the Farmers’ Market begins Saturday

By Katrina Bush - For the Record-Herald

“Summer ends now; now, barbarous in beauty, the stooks arise/Around; up above, what wind-walks! what lovely behavior/of silk-sack clouds! Has wilder, willful-waiver meal-drift molder ever and melted across the skies?” (Gerald Manly Hopkins, Hurrahing in Harvest, 1918)

Even though many of Hopkins’ words are unfamiliar, we have an almost visceral image of the autumn fields and the sky of clouds. According to Wikipedia, a “stook,” also referred to as a shock or stack, is an “arrangement of sheaves of cut grain-stalks placed so as to keep the grain-heads off the ground while still in the field and prior to collection for threshing.” Knowing this, we may picture renaissance paintings of the harvest fields, and can imagine the stooks in the fields, even though we no longer collect grain in this way. We will find corn stalks gathered and bound in a similar fashion as used these days for fall decorations.

This nearly autumn equinox Saturday, the Market will be open Saturday morning from 8:30 to noon and is located in the municipal parking lot on the corner of South Main and East East streets in Washington C.H. SNAP EBT food benefit cards, Senior Farm Market coupons and credit/debit cards are accepted. Those using the SNAP EBT card for produce receive matching dollar “Produce Perks” tokens ($1 for $1) for additional fruits and vegetables. So,”buy one, get one” for fruit and vegetables, up to $20 EVERY market day.

All first responders (police, EMTs and firefighters), teachers, medical providers and Farm Bureau members may pick up $5 coupons every week through the end of September and the close of the market. These coupons may be used to make farm market purchases anytime during the season.

The following list contains the names and products of the vendors that expect to set up for the Saturday Market. Other vendors may participate as well.

Your Other Mother’s Kitchen (Don & Sara Creamer): Artisan breads, whole wheat brownie tarts, and bran muffin tops.

B.Y.E. Gardens (Brian and Elaine Yoder): Butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, sweet potatoes, zucchini, cinnamon rolls, banana bread, banana nut bread, strawberry bread, zucchini bread, pumpkin bread.

By Thy Hand (Mark and Lori Chrisman): Angel food cakes, specialty breads, pies, cookies, dip mixes.

Chilcote Farm (Bruce & Marlene Chilcote): honey, ooey gooey cinnamon swirl cake, cookies, butter pecan cakes, and sheet cakes.

Engedi (Beth Day, Alana Walters, Janet Bick): Assorted home baked goods (cinnamon rolls, bread, yeast rolls, cookies, pies, brownies, cobblers, whoopie pies, small specialty bread) and a special children’s activity.

Greens & Greenery (Katrina Bush): Homemade beeswax skin care products. Seasonal produce including sweet potatoes and leeks. Dried herbs (basil, sage, catnip, sacred basil herbal tea). Buckeyes, fudge, and small pumpkin pies. Cut flower bouquets.

Jones Farm Fresh Produce (Jon & Taylor Jones): Tomatoes, squash, onions, garlic, peppers, potatoes, apples, pumpkins/gourds, mums, chicken patties, chorizo chicken links, chicken breast, wings, bulk sausage, ground pork, hamburger patties, ground hamburger and brown eggs.

Kelsie’s K-9 Creations (Jennifer Anderson): Homemade dog treats and Tupperware products.

Persinger Cottage Foods (David Persinger and Julie Mosny): Jam Man: jams, jellies, peach butter. Stock includes: ginger pear preserves, red raspberry jelly, a few NO added sugar varieties: strawberry, blueberry, and black raspberry. Texas sheet cakes. Pie Lady: Assorted fruit pies, cinni mini’s, Buns Bars, pecan sticky rolls, cinnamon rolls, local honey and comb honey.

Wood Designed by DW (Debbie Welch): Wood crafts: decorative bird houses, wooden totes, patriotic & wooden Ohio signs, pigs, cows, chickens. Hand made crocheted dishtowels, clothes, potholders, pocket books and baby booties. Special orders welcome.

By Katrina Bush

For the Record-Herald