Land Transfers

The following local land transfer entries were recently released:

Sept. 4

Trotters Pointe Ventures LTD to WJHOH LLC, WJH LLC, Trotters Pointe Sec. 1 Wash.

Elizabeth H. Smith, DECD, Elizabeth H. Lewis, DECD to Randall Lewis, Sandra Jayne Lewis Pettit, 148.00A Bloombg Paint Twp UND 1/2 INT/297.00 Paint Twp.

Sandra J. Lewis, Randall Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis to St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital, 148.00A Bloombg Paint Twp UND 1/2 INT/297.00A Paint Twp Judgment Entry.

Elizabeth Lewis, TRUST, Elizabeth Lewis, DECD, Sandra J. Lewis to Elizabeth Lewis, St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

Sept. 5

Daniel L. Rice, Daniel Lynn Rice, Kimberly Rice, Debra A. Hurtt, Debra Ann Hurtt to Ruth M. Hewitt, Lela Wardle, PT 9 Mills Gardners ADD Wash 608 S. Main St.

Donald H. Hawk, Holly Hawk to Lee A. Christoffers, PT 349/PT 350 Wash 702 Eastern Ave.

Lauren C. Farkas, Lauren C. Campbell, Shawn A. Farkas to Kory Walters, 108 Storybrook ADD SEC 4 Wash 417 Spring Ave.

Brown-Mitten LLC to John E. Dunn, Carol Dunn, 234 Arbor Village Sub Phase 5 Wash 862 Linden Ave.

Daniel W. Smith, Patricia A. Smith, Patricia Anabell Smith to Lucian G. Bostock, Nichole L. Mathias, 232 Wash IMP Co ADD Wash 708 Peabody Ave.

Quenten D. Matson, Katelyn Matson to Austin L. Stone, 168 Millwood ADD Wash 1025 Lakeview Ave.

James R. Jones to James R. Jones, Kaylee D. Jones, 1.950A VMS 7862 Mad. Twp.

William J. Jenkins, Barbara Jenkins to Ashley N. Ruth, 6 Village Green SUB phase 1 Bloombg 107 Liberty Place.

Philip W. Carter, Dawn Carter to Mona Lee Bolen, 0.777A/0.3432 VMS 896 Concord Twp 2409 Staunton Sugar Grove Road SW.

Brady H. Crosby to Zachary B. Bloom, 28 Willabar Village ADD Wash 1116 Golfview Dr.

Marcos Miramontez to Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assn, 40 revised Rhoseview SUB Wash 616 McLean St.

Jeffrey Lee Shaw, TR, Jeffrey Lee Shaw TRUST, Julia Ann Shaw, TR, Julia Ann Shaw, Trust to Jason R. Wynne, Julianne Wynne, 281/282/283 Storybrook SUB 11 Wash 1215 Storybrook Dr.

Thelma Fryer, Thelma J. Everhart to Christina Copas, 1.2604A VMS 3431 Green Twp/6.223A/6.565A VMS 7364 Perry Twp.

To Thelma Fryer, Thelma J. Everhart, 6.223A/6.565A VMS 7364 Perry Twp 1854 & 1834 York Rd. Ref O/R V135 P3618 Revocation T.O.D.

Mendy Bryant, Tara Bryant to Natasha L. Haley, 8 Bakers SUB Wash 1215 S. Fayette St.

Christopher M. Timson, Andrea Timson to Sue Buchhammer, 4 Hope SUB Wayne Twp 7379 St. Rt. 753 N.

Helen M. Pratt to Jordan Daniels, Kathy J. Daniels, 6 Hawthorn SUB Union Twp 57 Hawthorne Dr. SE.

Tyler S. Rhodus, Whitney Rhodus, Tyler Rhodus to Gregrey Phipps, PT Inlot 65/PT Inlot 66 Wash 221 N. Hinde St.

Sept. 6

Jackie W. Martindale, Glenna E. Martindale to Jackie W. Martindale, Glenna E. Martindale, Nancy E. Martindale, 1.0000A VMS 1380 Paint Twp 8721 Prairie Rd. NW.

Jack Wayne Martindale, DECD to Glenn E. Martindale, Jackie W. Martindale, 1.0000A VMS 1380 Paint Twp 8721 Prairie Rd NW.

Tommy Nick Vrettos, DECD, Tom N. Vrettos, DECD to Peggy L. Vrettos, PT Fract 804 Bereman Add Wash 517 E. Market St. 1/2 Int.

Ber Real Estate Investments I LLC to ARG BE23PROP02 LLC, 2.948A VMS 1361 Octa 11477 Allen Rd.

Jacobson Farms LLC, Jacobson Farm LLC to Justin L. Jacobson, 0.2870A/6.2743A Octa/17.2597A/4.9225A VMS 1253 Jasper Twp Allen Rd.

Trotters Pointe to Trotters Pointe, fourth amendment to declaration of covenants REF O/R V160 P450/V172 P1018.

Daniel M. Hoppes, Joan K. Hoppes to Mark J. Bihl, Paige E. Bihl, 5.0000A VMS 2926 Wayne Twp.

Myron Priest, Sharon Priest to Mark J. Bihl, Paige E. Bihl, 2.155A/3.990A VMS 2926 Wayne Twp 5985 Creek Road.