Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health conducted the following restaurant and food inspections, according to reports filed with the department.

Sept. 4

Fayette County Memorial Hospital, 1430 Columbus Avenue. Follow-up inspection. Violations: The establishment is still in the process of removing parts from the hood, light fixtures. Management stated that the project should be completed in a week. The freezer (walk-in) is also in the process of being replaced management stated that they will use a freezer to hold the food items once the new unit has arrived. Currently the freezer is still holding temperature but has an accumulation of ice. Will contact the Fayette County Public Health with updates.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Jeffersonville. Standard, complaint, critical control point inspection. Violations: A large amount of gnats were found in the storage and kitchen areas, primarily near the back exit door and waste receptacles. In use food utensils were found stored on top of food containers instead of inside. The ice scooper was found stored inside of a rusted metal holder on the side of the ice machine. It was removed immediately and rewashed and management was notified. The hand wash sink inside of the restrooms were not provided with water of at least 100 degrees. The dumpster area was found with an accumulation of soil residues surrounding the waste receptacles. Also the lid was found open. During inspection, a customer found a gnat inside of her rice bowl. The customer notify a management. A gnat was in fact observed inside the customers food. Managed was advised to discard the small container of rice and they agreed, however, no gnats were observed in the serving rice container.

Sept. 5

McDonalds, 280 S. Elm St. Complaint inspection. Violations: All food employees were observed with hair restraints. A complaint was received on Aug. 31 regarding managers not restraining hair while working in the kitchen area.

220 State St., Inc., Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations: The person in charge is not certified in food safety. Requirements were discussed with management once again. Management displayed some knowledge in food safety is necessary. The person in charge failed to avoid recontaminating their hands after hand washing, proper hand wash procedure was discussed with person in charge. Gnats were found surrounding the soda machine. The pop nozzles were found with an accumulation of soil residues, the nozzles were removed immediately and replaced with new pop nozzles after management cleaned the surrounding area. Moist wiping cloths were found lying around near hand wash sink in service area and soda area. Food containers were found stored and stacked on utensil sheld while wet. Ice cream scoopers were found cracked and with an accumulation of rust. These scoopers were removed from service immediately and replaced. The fan guards inside of the reach in coolers (7 Up) were found with accumulation of soil residue. The restroom walls and hand wash sinks were found with an accumulation of soil residues.

Sept. 6

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Jeffersonville. Follow-up inspection. Violations: Food containers were still found with an accumulation of food residue. The pans were pulled from stock immediately and rewashed and sanitized. Cooked checker was at 140 degree and the salsa was at 40 degrees. They are now in compliance. Cheese was 40 degrees. All other violations have been corrected.

Arby’s, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations: The person in charge was not trained in food safety and was not knowledgeable about proper cooking temperatures. Management was advised to complete food safety course as soon as possible considering that is a repeat violation. The person in charge failed to wash hands properly (failed to lather for at least 20 seconds). Also a food handler working at the sandwich station failed to wash hands in between tasks and before donning gloves. Management was notified and were explained how to properly wash hands and how frequent. Sandwich buns were found stored in between the utility closet and trash receptacle, they were removed to a safer location. The slicer located in the back room area near the chemical rack was found with food residue accumulation. The ice machine was found with mold in inner shipping and plastic white part. Dead insects were found near the ice machine under three compartment sink and under the utensil storage racks near walk-in cooler. Also gnats were found under the food preparation sink and surrounding areas. Cracked food containers were found on the utensil shelf near the hand wash sink. Management was notified and observed pans were removed from stock immediately. Management stated they would search through remaining utensils for cracked containers. The food equipment shelf above the three compartment sink was found rusty and no longer easily cleanable. The three compartment sink was found with a pipe leaking underneath. An accumulation of soil residues was found on the walls and ceiling near the soda syrup and food preparation sink (underneath) and under/behind equipment in storage area. Signs on the doors of the food establishment found notifying public of remodeling. After questioning the person in charge it was found that the establishment have plans on remodeling the entire building (inside and out) however failed to notify the Fayette County Public Health. No person shall extensively after a food service operation until the facility layout and equipment specifications have been submitted to and approved in writing by the licensor. The person in charge was notified.