Police Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Sept. 16

James Trisdale, 21, at large, theft, theft, obstructing official business, possession of drug abuse instruments.

Derek R. Winters, 35, 1130 S. Hinde St., speed.

Jacob M. Weatherspoon, 27, Columbus, no operator’s license, expired registration, fictitious registration.

Devik N. Hargo, 24, 807 Independence Court, bench warrant.

Patricia Wightman, 25, 1003 Willard St., speed.

Amber N. Sheets, 29, 1400 Grace St., Apt. F, failure to transfer.

Amanda R. Furguson, 27, Sabina, obstructing, endangering children.

Sept. 15

Ralph D. Hoffer, Jr., 39, 627 N. North St., no operator’s license.

Tyler C. Havens, 25, at large, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Corine N. Kingery, 32, 927 E. Temple St., stop sign violation.

Jeffery J. Dunaway, 28, 333 W. Oak St., speed 40/25.

Ronald D. Messer, 60, Lebanon, speed.

Nathaniel M. Self, 34, 94 Jamison Road, Lot 140, disorderly by intoxication.

Teresa Chaffin, 57, 27 Maple St., speed.

Carol Souther, 54, New Vienna, endangering children.

Sept. 14

Anthony L. Nelson, 39, 810 Maple St., no operator’s license.

Kyle D. Browder, 32, 208 W. Court St., expired registration.

Lynn Ellen Foster-Dawson, 28, 115 E. Oak St., failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Michaela Hundley, 29, Greenfield, speed, no operator’s license.

Steven A. Walker, Jr., 19, 734 John St., diagonal crossing at intersection, probation violation.

Cameron L. Fithen, 18, Wilmington, failure to control.

Sept. 13

Twyla D. Bolen, 62, 620 Village Court, Apt. C, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Donald K. Howland, 33, 415 1/2 Cherry St., no operator’s license.

Mindy Edwards, 40, possession of drug paraphernalia (fourth-degree misdemeanor), possession of drug abuse instruments (first-degree misdemeanor).

Stephen E. Mennor, Hillsboro, disorderly by intoxication (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Phillip Davis, Greenfield, no operator’s license, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jordan T. Adams, 32, 717 Brown St., no operator’s license (first-degree misdemeanor).

Cody A. Scarberry, 28, 1006 Briar Ave., theft (first-degree misdemeanor).

Sept. 12

Allen M. Schlesner, 25, 225 N. Fayette St., possession of drug abuse instruments.

Lisa M. Simmons, 43, Bloomingburg, no operator’s license.

Sept. 11

Paul D. Fields, 58, Jeffersonville, expired registration.

Melissa J. Strahler, 46, 413 A Peddicord Ave., attempted criminal simulation.

Anthony T. Hall, 27, 610 S. Fayette St., theft, possession of drug abuse instruments.