Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health conducted the following restaurant and food inspections, according to reports filed with the department.

AUG. 21

American Legion #653, 815 Gregg St. Standard inspection. Violations: Operation satisfactory.

Eagles/Washington C.H. Aerie #413, 320 Sycamore St., PO Box 583. Follow-up inspection. Violations: The ice machine is now clean to sight and touch.

Line Shack, 2432 St. Rt. 753. Standard inspection. Violations: An employee health notification policy was unavailable. The trash receptacle inside of the women’s bathroom stall did not have a lid.

AUG. 22

McDonald’s, 280 S. Elm St. Pre-licensing inspection. Violations: The walk-in freezer did not have lighting equipment must be maintained in a state of good repair. The women’s restroom stalls were not provided with trash receptacles.

AUG. 25

RC Race, 50 Boyer Lane. Standard inspection. Violations: Reach-in GE Cooler needs cleaned of accumulated dirt to decrease chance of contamination.

AUG. 27

Burger King #7534, 1666 Columbus Ave. Standard inspection. Violations: Food pans inside of the walk-in cooler were found with an accumulation of food residue. The computer monitors and ceiling tiles above the food preparation area were found with an accumulation of dust and soil residues. The food containers were removed from stock immediately and sanitized. The dining tables were washed during inspection. The hand sinks inside the restrooms were not provided with water of 100 degrees. The reach-in freezer across from the fryers was found at approximately 25 to 30 degrees. The freezer was empty and management stated that they have not been using the freezer due to the temperature and will have it serviced. The food containers were reinspected after they were re-washed and sanitized and soil residue was still present. Follow-up inspection is scheduled.

Nellie’s on the Corner, 202 E. Court St. 30-day inspection. Violations: The hand wash sink inside of the restrooms are not provided with hot water, management stated that maintenance has been notified to have them serviced. The pizza over is not reaching the proper temperature, management stated that they will close shop if maintenance is unable to repair the over immediately. Management agreed to post signs on bathroom doors to allow the public to wash hands at the kitchen hand wash sink temporarily until they are fixed.

Rancher’s Roast Beef, 501 S. Elm St. Standard inspection. Violations: To prevent contamination: melted Styrofoam plates were found inside of the microwave. A food employee stated that hot food were directly placed onto these plates, food must be protected from contamination. Management was notified and the food employee as well. The three compartment sink (were washing) was found with a leak under the middle compartment, therefore repair is necessary. The can opener was found with an accumulation of food/soil residue. The walls were found with chipped paint, holes in the storage area. Also stained ceiling tiles were found in the kitchen and storage area and missing ceiling tiles were also found in the same areas. Food was found stored on the floor inside of the walk-in freezer located outdoors. Flies were found throughout establishment. Certificates for food safety and the procedures for vomit and diarrhea clean-up were still unavailable. Test strips were unavailable.

The Rusty Keg, LLC, 1801 Columbus Ave. Consultation inspection. Consultation: kitchen expanded, plan, approved. Hand wash sinks must be provided with soap, means to dry hands and disposal cap and hand wash sign. System on head will need to be inspected before use. Prep tables need to be sealed to the walls.

AUG. 28

Smokin Joes, 362 Bunkerhill Glendon Road. Standard inspection. Violations: To prevent contamination: A knife was found rusted inside kitchen area along the knife strip, knife was removed from stock immediately. Food safety certifications were unavailable. The waste/recycle receptacle was full and surrounded by flies, corrected during inspection.

AUG. 29

Washington Band Boosters, 306 Highland Ave. Standard and pre-licensing inspection. Violations: Coolers at 35 degrees, freezers ready at proper temperature, one hand wash sink, one to three compartment sink, provided with sanitizer and test kit. Operation satisfactory.

AUG. 30

Burger King #7534, 1666 Columbus Ave. Follow-up inspection. Violations: The food pans are now clean to sight and touch. The ceiling tiles have been replaced and the computer monitors cleanliness have improved, however an accumulation of dust was still present behind them. The cleanliness of the dining room tables has also improved. The hand wash sinks inside of the restrooms are now provided with water at 100 degrees or above, and the reach-in freezer is now operational.

Ranchers Roast Beef, 501 S. Elm St. Follow-up inspection. Observations: Food employees are no longer using the Styrofoam plates. The can opener is now clean to sight and touch and all food items inside of the week in freezer are at least six inches above the floor.

The Highland House, 703 Highland House. Follow-up inspection. Observations: The large reach-in Truce refrigerator is now at 41 degrees or below, the green beans were at 40 degrees, sour cream at 41, lunch meat at 41, therefor the coolers is holding at the proper temperature and the establishment may continue to use it. The white reach-in freezer is not reading at the proper temperature, management stated that the evening shift employee notified the freezer was reading high and removed the food items and placed them inside the other reach-in cooler. The freezer was empty during inspection, management said the food items from the freezer transferred to the cooler since they were supposed to be kept frozen (shrimp and chicken patties). The smaller reach-in cooler (preparation cooler) was reaching at 37 degrees however the bottom of the cooler was full of water. Management stated that he will consult with maintenance and contact the Fayette County Public Health when it is ready to be inspected before usage. The walk-in cooler is also now operational and reading at the proper temperature of 41 degree or below.