Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health conducted the following restaurant and food inspections, according to reports filed with the department.

AUG. 7

Nagasaki Restaurant, 240 E. Court St. Standard inspection. Violations: A bag of chopped lettuce was found at 48 degrees inside of the pop reach-in cooler. Management stated that the lettuce was placed inside of the cooler temporarily to refill for lunch and had only been in the cooler for approximately one hour, therefore the lettuce was removed from cooler and placed inside the walk-in cooler. The hand wash sink in the kitchen was found without a waste receptacle, which is provided with paper towels. Observation: several area/items were found with an accumulation of soil residues. Inside of the storage room an infestation of roaches was found on the food utensils and equipment. Management stated that they receive pest control treatments every month however the treatment receipts were unavailable. A licensor may suspend or revoke a food service operation license on determining that the license holder is in violation of any requirement of this chapter, including a violation evidenced by documented failure to maintain sanitary conditions within the operation.

AUG. 14

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 342 W. Court St. Follow-up inspection. Violations: The cleanliness of the floor and walls have improved. All other violations have been corrected.

The Willow, 203 Glenn Ave. Standard inspection. Violations: Several food items inside of the reach-in cooler was found above 41 degrees, sliced deli meats (turkey, ham) cheese, lettuce, cream cheese, tortillas, milk. These items were removed from the cooler immediately and discarded. Several items inside the main kitchen area and bar area were found with an accumulation of soil residues. Observation: The reach-in cooler was found ready at approximately 48 degrees. Also chipped plates were found stored on the utensil shelves. The vents, kitchen ceiling, walls and floor (under equipment) were found with an accumulation of soil residues.

Burger King, 1666 Columbus Ave. Complaint inspection. Violations: A complaint was received on Aug. 14 regarding a customer finding a roach inside their bag. According to the manager, the incident was reported to them Aug. 13 and they found a black flying buy in the bag. She stated that the customers left with their order and returned about 1 hour later with this complaint. Observation: No evidence of live or dead insects were found. Management provided copies of the last two months of pest control receipts. An accumulation of food and food residue were found under food/non food equipment on floor in main kitchen area.

AUG. 15

The Ranch of Opportunity, 1771 Old Palmer Road. Standard inspection. Violations: Operation satisfactory.

Winkin Willy’s Swiggy’s LLC, 608 Delaware St. Standard inspection. Violations: Men’s restroom sink is not working properly, women’s restroom needs to have a lid on the trash basket for sanitary purposes.

AUG. 16

The Farmers Pantry, 2733 St. Rt. 41 NW. Standard inspection. Violations: Operation satisfactory.

Washington Band Booster (new), 306 Highland Ave. Observations: The reach-in cooler is at 36 degrees. The manager stated that they will only keep pop inside of the pop machine/coolers. No recommendations at this time.

Wendy’s, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations: The area surrounding the pop nozzles was found with an accumulations of food/soil residue as well as the ice machine, this was corrected during the inspection. Several food pans were found cracked, they were discarded immediately. The mop sink area was found with an accumulation of soil residues.

Eagles/Washington C.H. Aerie #423, 320 Sycamore St. Follow-up inspection. Violations: The back refrigerator and hood are now clean, however the ice machine still has an accumulation of soil residue.

The Fayette County Jail, 113 E. Market St. Follow-up inspection. The food trays are all now clean to sight and touch. Thank you.

Fayette County Early Learning Center, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Observations: A colander was found cracked. Also a spatula was found with jagged edges. These items were discarded immediately.

Nagasaki Restaurant, 240 E. Court St. Follow-up inspection. Observations: There were not any perishable food items found stored inside of the Pepsi cooler. The food utensils, microwave, ice machine and utensil shelves are all now clean. The overall cleanliness of the facility has improved. The hand wash sink is now provided with a waste receptacle. Also the establishment received pest control treatment on Aug. 15 and there were not any live/dead roaches observed.

AUG. 18

Taco Bell #5348, 1215 Columbus Ave. Follow-up inspection. Violations: Person in charge is certified in food safety. The food containers are all now free of cracks, smooth and easily cleanable. Managed stated that they are in the process of fixing the leak on ceiling.

Hong Kong Buffet WCH Inc., 1142 Columbus Ave. Standard inspection. Observations: A cracked food pan was found inside kitchen area. The pan was removed immediately and discarded.

AUG. 20

Winners Jeffersonville Market, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations: Only one employee is trained in food safety. Observation: the hood in the meat preparation area was found with an accumulation of soil residue. Stained ceiling tiles were found in the deli and meat prep areas. If there is a leak it must be repaired. After the leak is repaired the ceiling tiles must be replaced.