Land Transfers

The following local land transfer entries were recently released:


Patsy J. Rolfe, Patsy J. Rolfe Parrish, Patsy J. Rolfe-Parrish to Billy D. Parrish, 16.00A/6.7198A VMS 6552 Etc Union Twp 3865 Wash Waterloo Road.

Marian L. Turner, DECD to Donald Rae Turner, 10 Eastern Heights Sub Wash 50% Int.

Michael McCormick, DECD to Janice I. Turner, 1.000A VMS 626 Concord Twp 50% Int.

Virgil Preston Bentley Jr. to Brandon Kent Bentley, TR Yeoman St. Wash 626 Yeoman Street.

David O. Lee, Patricia Robertson Lee to Shaun P. Charters, Christine L. Charters, 329 Florence Street.

Kirk L. Stuckey, Michelle L. Stuckey to Dayton Power and Light Company, 10 foot strip of 50.78A VMS 7976 Concord Twp Electric Easement.

Kurt L. Krueger, Cynthia K. Krueger to David K. Boswell, Beverly J. Boswell, 645 Kathryn Street.

Derry L. Hummel, Teresa L. Hummel to Kari Walters, 0.2417A VMS 6126 Wayne Twp 4034 Main Street SE.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ralph Michael Jacobs, 5 Henkles Sub Wash 905 S. Main Street.


Timothy J. McConnaughey, Lisa J. Long, Corey M. Hesson, Kimberly K. Abdulghani to Shadi M. Abdulghani, 530 E. Market Street.

Gerald Burner, Gerald W. Burner, Marilyn J. Burner, Marilyn Jean Burner to G & J Properties Llc., PT TR D. East End IMP Co Add/21 Belle Aire Sub 2/PT 23 H P Cherrys Add/TR Vacated Alley/TR Fayette St/PT 445 ADD/142/165/166/PT 181/PT 182/PT 183 Wash Imp Co Add/7 Youngs ADD/ PTS 44/ PTS 45 Fairview ADD/TR Grove Avenue/13 Avondale Add Wash.

Stephen Kent Hidy, DECD to Pamela Hidy, Pamela Jean Hidy, 59/PT 60 N. Martinsburg 9971 Wash N. Martinsburg Road reference D/R 183 P575.

Harold E. Longberry, DECD to Mary L. Longberry, 0.53A VMS 6696 ETC Union Twp Und 1/2 INT.


Jason J. Greer, Jacquelyn L. Greer to Wallace D. Sprague III, Lisa M. Sprague, 8794 St. Rt. 207.

George Salyers, George E. Salyers, Marilyn Salyers, Marilyn J. Salyers to Albert F. Stiffler, Vicki L. Stiffler, 3 Oakbrook Sub Concord Twp 2234 Staunton Sugar Grove Road.

Marsha Parsley Burke, Marsha Burke, Marsha Parsley, Leonard Burke to Don Parsley, Marissa Parsley, 3.4006A/5.130A VMS 5780 Jeff Twp 2795 Hidy Road NW.

Darlene Faye McCain, Est to Gary Kinzer, Teresa L. Kinzer, 603 Willabar Drive.


Frisch Ohio Llc to National Retail Properties, 1.1693A VMS 683 Wash.

Tanger Properties Limited Partnership to Jeffersonville Tanger Llc, 41.784A/0.219A/7.563A VMS 1361 Etc Jeff Twp.

To John L. Emrick, Marjorie A. Emrick, 73 Storybrook and SEC 3 Wash 831 Glenn Avenue T.O.D. Designation.


Ronald W. Burke, Suc-TR, Don W. Burke, Trust to Ronald W. Burke, Melinda L. Burke, 1035 N. North Street.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Tyler J. Daniels, 0.493A Mad Twp 9968 Harrison Road.

David G. Moore, Anita Moore to Trevor Arnett, 532 Albin Avenue.

Najah Jiaz to Serena Huddleson, 689 Blackstone Street.

Jamie Brooks, Jacalyn Pierce-Black, Jacalyn Pierce Black, Michael A. Brooks, Theodore Black to David A. Leeth, Sally A. Leeth, PT 31/PTS 30 Gilmores Eastview Add 1958 Wash 125 River Road.

Roma Ann Wright to Lori Picklesimer, TR Elm Street Union Twp 738 W. Elm Street.

Connie L. Loukinas to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, PT 6 D Waters Add Wash 726 Columbus Avenue Sheriff Deed.

Jason N. Langley, Pamela J. Langley to Huntington National Bank, TR Willard Street Wash 617 Willard Street Sheriff Deed.

CH New Life Chapel Church of God Inc to Derry L. Hummel, 1.319A VMS 7365 Concord Twp 6821 Greenfield Sabina Road.

Karen R. Harris, DECD to Jack D. Harris, 0.508A Union Twp 1297 Dayton Avenue Ref O/R V158 P1883.

Jack D. Harris, Diane Harris to Timothy McConnaughey, 0.508A 1297 Dayton Avenue.