Fire Runs

The Washington C.H. Fire Department responded to the following calls, according to reports:

OCT. 8

The fire department received a report of an accident with injuries at Court and North streets. On arrival, the FD found all occupants out of the vehicle. FD checked the scene for safety and assisted PD with traffic.

The FD received report of a fire in an apartment with persons still inside at 113 S. Main St. On arrival, FD found an odor of smoke coming from apartment 407. After receiving no response FD forced the door open. Once inside, FD found a pan of food and utensils burning on the stove. A single occupant was found face down on the living room floor. Occupant did not respond to verbal commands but did wake after being shook. Occupant was assisted to the hall by firefighters and appeared to be intoxicated. The Fayette County Life Squad transported the occupant to the ER for further evaluation.