FCSO Arrests & Citations

According to reports, the following individuals were arrested or cited by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

April 14

Jamie Hannah, 32, Washington C.H., failure to control.

Donald Bennett, 46, Bloomingburg, rape (two counts), domestic violence (two counts), kidnapping (two counts), aggravated menacing (two counts).

Bethany Moore, 36, at large, receiving stolen property.

April 13

Amiee Nelson, 41, Jeffersonville, failure to appear (two counts), protection order violation.

Brad Card, 44, Jeffersonville, protection order violation.

Makayla Gentry, 19, Washington C.H., failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Brian Hinkley, 35, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

April 12

Brian Cowman, 43, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Dustin Schwalbauch, 28, Washington C.H., failure to appear (two counts).

April 11

Angela Price, 35, Xenia, forgery (two counts), receiving stolen property (two counts).

Joshua Sanderson, 23, Jeffersonville, domestic violence.

Cody Frederick, 25, at large, burglary, theft.

April 10

Billy Vinion, 63, Washington C.H., weapons under disability, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Rhonda Mitchell, 51, Washington C.H., failure to control.

Briton Anderson, 26, Greenfield, driving under suspension FRA.

April 9

Michael Stolzenburg, 32, Washington C.H., illegal conveyance of drugs into a facility.

Chrystal Shadley, 32, Washington C.H., theft.

April 8

Sydney Walker, 20, Washington C.H., underage consumption.

Cody Brown, 22, Washington C.H., physical control.

April 6

Bradley Hixson, 33, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Brooklyn Graf, 40, Washington C.H., trafficking in cocaine (two counts), aggravated trafficking in drugs, aggravated possession of drugs.

Anthony Hall, 26, Washington C.H., receiving stolen property, forgery.

Matthew Scarberry, 34, Washington C.H., tampering with evidence, aggravated possession of drugs.

Rodger Ferguson, 27, Bloomingburg, tampering with evidence, assault on a police officer.

Jeremy Self, 32, Springfield, receiving stolen property (three counts), theft, attempted theft, criminal trespass, breaking & entering.

Shannen Royer, 31, Washington C.H., theft.

James Ross, 19, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs.

James Pollard, 22, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs.

Charles Pate, 36, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs.

Joseph Heiman, 37, Washington C.H., drug abuse instruments.

William Moore, 46, Washington C.H., domestic violence, having weapons under disability.

Jeremy Bailey, 43, Washington C.H., speed.

April 5

Marion Rigney, 75, Evans, West Va., failure to yield.

James Mortin, 31, Columbus, non-support of dependents, failure to appear.

Jamie Pack, 25, Washington C.H., theft.

Austin Adams, 23, Washington C.H., theft, speed.

Mubashar Iqubal, 31, Fresno, Calif., failure to control, turning in roadway.

Dwayne Slusher, 42, Circleville, domestic violence.

April 4

Aaron Kosanke, 40, Jeffersonville, receiving stolen property.

John Stankowski, 56, Clayton, NC, failure to control.

April 3

Ahmed Aden, 22, Louisville, Ky., failure to control.

April 2

Kevin Axline, 28, Jeffersonville, disorderly conduct by intoxication, resisting arrest.

Patricia Shoemaker, 51, Washington C.H., driving under suspension, fictitious registration.

Jamie Robbins, 38, Silverton, failure to yield.

April 1

Daniel Karber, 52, Washington C.H., OVI, driving under suspension, failure to control.

Jessica Cole, 33, Washington C.H., failure to control.

Chelsea Johnson, 22, Mt. Sterling, violation of bond (two counts).

Sarah Karber, 28, Washington C.H., probation violation (three counts).

Allister Pollock, 19, Frankfort, failure to yield.

Tresil Maxime, 24, Providence, Rhode Island, failure to control.

March 31

Joey Morris, 37, Washington C.H., non-support of dependents (three counts).

Ethan Lightle, 28, Bainbridge, failed to appear for court trial.

Darrell Russell, 52, Washington C.H., littering.

March 30

Brooklyn Graf, 40, Bloomingburg, failed to appear for arraignment.

Harley Mussetter, 23, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs.

Sarah Barnett, 44, Waynesville, contempt of court.

Melissa Walters, 43, Greenfield, probation violation.

Skylar Graham, 22, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs (two counts).

March 29

Thomas Ward, 29, Sabina, aggravated possession of drugs.

Anthony Hall, 26, Washington C.H., assault.

Jeremiah Hall, 29, Washington C.H., assault.

Justin Bailey, 35, Middletown, failure to control.

Brook Henry, 18, Washington C.H., failure to control.

Stephen Wilson, 29, Washington C.H., disorderly conduct.

March 28

Robert Moreton, 33, Sabina, failure to appear.

Thai Tran, 20, Cincinnati, speed.

Michael Penwell, 37, Jeffersonville, domestic violence.

March 27

Patrick Rarick, 40, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Tabitha Boyd, 22, London, violation of a court order.

Lloyd Smith, 35, South Salem, probation violation, failure to appear.

Shawn Yoakum, 26, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs.

Rebecca Russell, 31, Washington C.H., speed.

Michael Cash, 26, Washington C.H., OVI, marked lanes violation, improper handling of firearms.

March 26

Cynthia Delarosa, 32, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Joshua Jones, 29, Columbus, failure to appear.

Katherine Frederick, 31, Washington C.H., assault.

March 25

Harry Rittenhouse, 29, South Solon, speed.

March 24

Diane Wilson, 55, Washington C.H., failure to yield.

Olivia Burns, 25, Hillsboro, failure to control.

March 23

Bradley Hixon, 31, Washington C.H., aggravated possession of drugs (four counts).

Andry Bingaman, 31, Aberdeen, failure to yield, driving under suspension.

Jerom Theunissen, 21, West Chester, marked lanes violation.

Matthew Noble, 23, Washington C.H., failure to yield from stop sign.

Tesla Brown, 21, Washington C.H., failure to yield.

March 22

Donald Bennett, 46, Bloomingburg, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

George Shadley, 24, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Scott Smith, 34, Springfield, Missouri, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

Benjamin Stevens, 18, Columbus, assault, animal cruelty.

William Curtis, 62, Washington C.H., failure to yield.

Rodger Ferguson, 27, Washington C.H., theft.

March 21

Michael Penwell, 37, Jeffersonville, theft.

Rodger Ferguson, 27, Bloomingburg, assault, resisting arrest, obstructing official business, escape, failure to appear (two counts).

Carl Buhrts, 25, Columbus, failure to appear.

William Marshall, 43, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Jason Wallace, 27, Jamestown, possession of marijuana, criminal trespass, paraphernalia.

Shane Osborne, 28, Jeffersonville, domestic violence, paraphernalia, possession of marijuana.

John Anderson, 68, Kimbolton, failure to control.

March 20

Thomas Kipp, 53, Worthington, violation of a protection order (three counts), aggravated menacing.

Henry Michael, 32, Grove City, speed.

March 19

Austin Morris, 21, Bloomingburg, having weapons under disability, resisting arrest, obstructing official business.

Zachery Lumpkin, 37, Dayton, speed.

Eric Dietrick, 22, abduction (two counts), domestic violence (two counts), endangering children.

Robert Love, 38, Hillsboro, theft (two counts), burglary, criminal damaging.