Past Christman winners invited to 50th banquet

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Clarence Christman and wife, Mary Lou.

Clarence Christman and wife, Mary Lou.

The Washington Kiwanis Club and the Record-Herald are inviting all past recipients of the annual Christman Award to attend the 50th-annual banquet honoring the best scholar-athletes in Fayette County.

This year, the banquet honoring nominated senior Miami Trace and Washington High School scholar-athletes will be held May 14, 6:30 p.m. at the Crown Room Banquet Center.

“This is a very special Christman Awards Banquet,” said Kiwanis Club member and Christman Awards Chairman Gary Brock. “We would love to have as many past recipients as possible attend this celebration of the best scholar-athletes in Fayette County.”

There are 50 past winners (there were two in 1982) starting in 1969.

While representatives of the Record-Herald and Kiwanis Club will be attempting to contact the past winners, “we would invite these recipients to call or email us to make their reservations for May 14 so we can honor them at the banquet,” said Brock.

Recipients (or someone on their behalf) can call Brock at 937-556-5759 or email him at or call Kiwanian Kay Oughterson at 740-335-1612.

The Christman Award began in 1969. It is awarded to the student-athlete who best represents excellence in the areas of athletics, academics and leadership.

Clarence A. Christman Jr. came from humble beginnings in Washington C.H.

As a youth, he showed a love of athletics which he carried throughout his life.

Businessmen and others in the community helped Christman with the tools he needed to participate in sports.

Christman never forgot their kindness and spent the rest of his life paying back, as well as forward, to the young people of the community.

The award began as the Record-Herald award and was renamed in honor of Christman after he passed away following his helping to fight a local fire.

A former city auditor and city manager, Christman Park, located off Elm Street across from the city water department, is named in his honor.

Clarence Christman and wife, Mary Lou. Christman and wife, Mary Lou.

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