Police Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

April 16

Laura L. Jones, 31, Sabina, no operator’s license.

Jeffrey Dunaway, 27, 333 W. Oak St., bench warrant – failure to comply/Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

April 15

Wesley J. Ruth, 83, 227 E. Elm St., failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Curtis L. Mollett, 33, 703 Harrison St., speed 42/25.

April 14

Tamera L. Gray, 59, 331 N. Main St., felonious assault, tampering with evidence.

Brian E. Hinkley, 34, at large, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Austin S. Kinzer, 21, 825 Comfort Lane, no operator’s license, unsafe vehicle, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, carrying concealed weapon.

Female, 17, Washington C.H., speed.

Courtney N. Harrington, 23, 209 Kathryn St., speed.

Rita A. Shiltz, 44, 868 Stanton Sugar Grove Road, theft (first-degree misdemeanor).

Joetta C. Griffitts, 70, 7027 State Route 41 Northwest, speed 48/25.

Christopher A. Havens, 44, 1022 Briar Ave., disorderly conduct (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

April 13

Briana J. Watson, 24, Hillsboro, Clinton County bench warrant – failure to appear.

Kevin L. Cotner, 55, 435 S. North St., domestic by threats (first-degree misdemeanor), resisting arrest (second-degree misdemeanor), misuse of 911 (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

April 12

Jeffrey S. Kinzer, 42, Bloomingburg, no operator’s license.

Sierra K. Miley, 28, 4459 US 22, speed 57/35.

Julian M. Dalge Davis, 31, Roseville, Mich., traffic control device violation.

Harold L. Moore, 40, Xenia, no operator’s license.

Dustin Schwalbaugh, 28, at large, bench warrant/Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Sharon Deerwester, 46, Springfield, stop sign violation.

Nathan W. Taulbee, 39, Xenia, no operator’s license.

Sabastian Williams, 26, Sabina, bench warrant – Washington C.H. Municipal Court, possession of drug abuse instruments (first-degree misdemeanor).

April 11

Joshua Sanderson, 23, 1809 Columbus Ave., Apt. 225, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Courtney Sanderson, 27, 625 Vine St., bench warrant – failure to comply.

Cody Frederick, 28, at large, FCSO indictment – burglary.

Male, 17, Washington C.H., failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Paul McCallister, 31, 223 W. Oak St., bench warrant – failure to comply.

David Burlile III, 26, 526 Peabody Ave., loud sound amplifier.

Cory B. Ison, 27, 35 Residence Drive, no operator’s license.

April 10

Holly M. Torbett, 39, 445 Broadway St., speed.

Karyn S. Tucker, 55, Sunbury, Ohio, speed.

Eder Alberto Rojas-Silva, 28, Bloomingburg, no operator’s license.

James V. Green, 39, at large, disorderly conduct.

Angel N. Navarrete, 29, 561 Leesburg Ave., speed 50/35.

Female, 17, Washington C.H., unruly.

April 9

Valery B. Nya, 35, Pickerington, speed 50/35.

Samantha M. Stevens, 43, 903 E. Temple St., possession of drug paraphernalia.

Nathan Zukowitz, 38, 114 W. Temple St., expired registration.

Chrystal L. Shadley, 32, 114 E. Circle Ave., Fayette County Sheriff’s Office bench warrant – theft.

William L. Dillon, 33, 114 E. Circle Ave., no operator’s license.

Marie A. Carpenter, 114 E. Circle Ave., wrongful entrustment.

Andrew M. Dunn, 30, at large in Washington C.H., Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office warrant – failure to comply.

Timothy R. Dilley, 20, at large in Washington C.H., no operator’s license.

Ryan M. Wilson, 26, Mount Sterling, speed 53/35.