Police Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

April 9

Dustin J. Schwalbauch, 28, at large, no operator’s license.

Wendy J. Gilpen, 50, last known address 8 Wagner Court, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office bench warrant, possession of dangerous drugs.

April 8

Matthias Mossbarger, 32, Circleville, disorderly conduct (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Timothy J. Young, 26, 812 Delaware St., Apt. 29D, domestic violence (first-degree misdemeanor), disorderly conduct (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Danny L. Rowe, Jr., 47, Mt. Sterling, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Jason A. Fuller, 38, 119 1/2 E. Oak St., no operator’s license, fictitious registration.

Martin J. Hoagland, 50, 963 Delaware St., stop sign violation.

Adrian L. Smith, 36, 9005 Cross Road, expired registration.

Quentin M. Binegar, 42, Leesburg, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Brian L. Moore, 36, 828 E. Market St., criminal trespass.

April 7

Female, 15, Washington C.H., theft.

Madison E. Joseph, 19, 136 Holly Drive, expired registration.

Nathan A. Rapp, 28, Bloomingburg, window tint, no operator’s license.

Mason K. Moore, 22, 107 1/2 S. North St., speed.

Michael W. Aldrich, 38, Orient, no operator’s license, expired registration, possession of drug paraphernalia.

William M. Curnutte III, 28, 1309 Forest St., Apt. B, no operator’s license.

Dryden D. Martin, Jr., 49, 608 Campbell St., disorderly conduct (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

April 6

Jeremy E. Self, 32, 94 Jamison Road, Lot 140, bench warrant – failure to appear, bench warrant – failure to appear, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Lindsey M. Gibson-Rader, 33, 894 Linden Ave., no operator’s license.

April 5

Melissa Wilson, 36, 231 W. Kennedy Ave., theft of services, possession of criminal tools, possession of drug paraphernalia (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Rachel M. Morris, 39, 2961 Snow Hill Road Southwest, backing without safety.

Richard Brannon, 39, 1417 N. North St., no operator’s license.

Larry K. Pennington, 60, Clarksburg, failure to yield.

Trevor Campbell, 20, 423 Second St., probation holder.

Jeff Bell, 35, 151 S. Fayette St., Wilmington Police Department bench warrant.

Deseree N. Skaggs, 33, 151 S. Fayette St., bench warrant – failure to comply, theft (first-degree misdemeanor).

April 4

Marvin D. Walker, Greenfield, red light violation.

Natasha Howland, 30, New Holland, obstructing, bench warrant.

Regina C. Salter, 57, Jeffersonville, speed 40/25.

Kailey R. Sturgill, 22, 611 Sycamore St., speed 40/25.

Kevin D. Matthews, 50, at large, no operator’s license, expired registration.

John R. McConnell, 30, 1554 Greensview Lane, speed 40/25.

Kimberly D. Taylor, 59, 1031 Briar Ave., speed 40/25.

Daniel R. Easton, 55, 318 Delaware St., disorderly conduct (fourth-degree misdemeanor), obstructing, resisting arrest.

Greggory D. Buzzard, 25, 610 Comfort Lane, speed 40/25.

Shannon D. Hunt, 30, 126 Laurel Road, no operator’s license.

April 3

Stephen E. Mennor, 25, 503 E. Paint St., inducing panic (first-degree misdemeanor).

Misty D. McClure, 35, Greenfield, red light violation.

Christopher L. Sharp, 36, 1006 Golfview Drive, bench warrant – failure to comply, FCSO warrant – theft.

Coby A. Fadely, 24, 2414 Bogus Road, Lot 6, no operator’s license.

April 2

Edwin O. King, 46, Martinsville, Ohio, expired registration.

James E. Riley, 67, 350 Third St., expired registration, fictitious registration.

Douglas Z. Mills, 48, Bloomingburg, speed.

Kelsey L. Johnson, 28, New Holland, expired registration.

Steven L. Adams, II, 26, Reynoldsburg, no operator’s license, stop sign violation.

Male, 14, Washington C.H., criminal damaging.