FCSO Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals were arrested or cited by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Feb. 5

Parker Smith, 19, Washington C.H., failure to transfer registration.

Laura Jones, 31, Sabina, driving under suspension.

Feb. 4

Lindi Giffin, 25, Washington C.H., probation violation, disorderly conduct.

Feb. 3

Wendy Tevenal, 47, Washington C.H., attempt to trespass in a habitat when person is present, assault, criminal damaging.

Tyler Ison, 25, Washington C.H., domestic violence by threats.

Cathy Klein-Conners, 52, Jeffersonville, violation of protection order.

Brian Beam, 52, Columbus, speed.

Feb. 2

Troy Estep, 41, Jeffersonville, violation of a protection order.

Tyler Ison, 25, Octa, domestic violence by threats.

Jamie Bowles, 36, Washington C.H., violation of a protection order.

Carl Penwell, 30, Washington C.H., failure to register.

Rodney Mccarty, 33, Bloomingburg, domestic violence.

Kylie Mcrobie, 23, Bloomingburg, driving under suspension.

Feb. 1

Sherman Holder, 34, Washington C.H., possession of drug abuse instruments, obstructing official business.

Austin Harter, 20, Jeffersonville, speed.

Mark Newland, 51, Greenfield, disorderly.

Bryan Darlington, 49, Greenfield, disorderly, criminal damaging.

Laura Hunter, 44, London, probation violation.

KC Carson, 38, Washington C.H., FRA driving under suspension.

Female, 15, Washington C.H., unruly.

Jan. 31

Ronald Sapp, 42, Hillsboro, failure to appear.

Maria Zarate, 22, Knoxville, speed.

Brandi Rhoades, 40, Washington C.H., speed.

Tyler Jones, 28, Washington C.H., probation violation (two counts).

Cole Hagler, 21, Washington C.H., probation violation (two counts).

Jan. 30

Madison Carey, 20, Washington C.H., failure to control, no operator’s license.

Dylan Stevenson, 32, Greenfield, failure to appear.

William Colburn, 21, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Cole Hagler, 21, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Tyler Jones, 29, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Shawn Countryman, 46, Greenfield, speed.

Female, 16, Bloomingburg, speed.

Jan. 29

Romus Stanley, 41, Jackson, failure to control.

William Gregg, 27, Chillicothe, driving under suspension, right of way/stop sign violation.

George Baker, Jr., 47, Greenfield, illegal conveyance of drugs into a facility, aggravated possession of drugs (two counts).

Tabitha Boyd, 22, Hillsboro, forgery, failure to appear.

Laura Jordan, 46, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Daniel Lyman, 59, Jeffersonville, child endangering.

Jan. 28

Mica Gibson, 30, Cincinnati, driving through median.

Tracy Haggerty, 35, Wilmington, theft.

Jan. 27

Freddie Marcum, 25, Bloomingburg, driving under suspension.

Jan. 26

Joshua Hudson, 25, Washington C.H., failed to appear for final pretrial.

Joshua Ivey, 32, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Roger Wood, 40, Washington C.H., obstructing official business.

Travis Taite, 37, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Jan. 25

Justin Everhart, 36, Washington C.H., OVI, marked lanes violation.

Kristopher Reid, 22, Washington C.H., menacing by stalking.

Levi O’Neil, 22, Washington C.H., complicity.

Joan King, 58, Washington C.H., speed.

Timothy Dilley, 26, Washington C.H., stop bar violation.

Jan. 24

Sean Antis, 40, Jeffersonville, domestic violence.

Randall Johnson, 58, London, failure to control.

Male, 16, Washington C.H., failure to control.

Kirsten Manns, 44, failure to control, seat belt violation, seat belt passenger violation.

Jan. 23

Rachael Briggs, 25, Jeffersonville, failure to control.

Heidi Malone, 40, New Holland, failure to appear, probation violation (two counts).

Bradley Ferriman, 29, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Kristina Burns, 32, Washington C.H., permitting drug abuse.

Tracy Foy, 42, Washington C.H., yield turn violation.

Ismail Iskandar, 37, Dayton, backing on highway.

Lionel Azema, 47, Thibodaux, La., driving under suspension, failure to control.

Jan. 22

Nicholas Mccabe, 39, Nelsonville, disorderly by intoxication.

Jacob Lerch, 20, Hillsboro, aggravated vehicular assault, OVI (two counts), underage consumption, furnishing false information to obtain beer.

William Wolfe, 24, Washington C.H., failure to appear, aggravated possession of drugs, failure to appear.

Carl Penwell, 36, Washington C.H., failure to advise change of address.

Robert Heath, 38, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Cody Moore, 36, Washington C.H., possession of drug abuse instruments.

William Mcintyre, 38, Circleville, parole violation.

Steven Hall, 55, Blackshear, Ga, disorderly by intoxication, threats on law enforcement.

Lisa Keller, 44, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Jan. 21

Brad Spangler, 34, Washington C.H., failure to control.

April Hawkins, 30, Washington C.H., theft.

Jarvis Collins, 33, Dayton, tampering with evidence.

Jan. 20

John Scott, 55, Washington C.H., perjury.

Matthew Stroup, 26, Washington C.H., permitting drug abuse.

Travis Horn, 30, Washington C.H., failure to control, leaving the scene of an accident.

Darwell Brown, 50, Oklahoma City, Okla., divided roadway.

Jan. 19

Sean Hunt, 31, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Jason Perry, 39, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Shanye Detweiler, 29, theft, misuse of credit cards, illegal use of WIC, illegal possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jessica Ford, 24, Portsmouth, failure to appear.

Rachel Briggs, 25, Jeffersonville, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Erin Combs, 40, Jeffersonville, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Jan. 18

Adam Higgason, 54, Wilmington, OVI, OVI refusal, failure to control.

Gregory Harmon, 38, Washington C.H., tampering with evidence.

Joshua N. Hudson, 40, theft (three counts), receiving stolen property, grand theft of a motor vehicle.

Donald Howland, 32, Washington C.H., falsification, escape.

Carol Riddick, 56, Leesburg, failure to control.

Jackie Garringer, 38, Washington C.H., OVI.

Jan. 17

Jessica Abdon, 35, Columbus, probation violation.

Keith Shrives, 69, Upper Arlington, failure to control.

Jan. 16

Brandon Gill, 28, Washington C.H., expired registration.