State grant assists Jeffersonville pool upgrades

Village receives $28k NatureWorks grant

By Ashley Bunton -

The Village of Jeffersonville is improving its community pool with the assistance of a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Jeffersonville Mayor Bob Kinzer said the village’s parks and recreation committee received a $28,000 NatureWorks grant from ODNR.

Kinzer said the Jeffersonville Parks and Recreation Committee will use the funding to construct sun shelters and buy and replace lifeguard chairs, umbrellas, and lounge chairs at the village pool, 42 Colonial Drive.

The current plan is to construct three sun shelters in the grass around the pool.

“The sun shelters will be similar to a pole barn with no sides, no concrete flooring. They will have a grass floor. It’s to get people out of the sun and mainly for sun protection while at the pool,” said Kinzer.

Each of the sun shelters will be 16 by 20 feet in size, said Kinzer.

Kinzer said the village worked with Fayette County Director of Economic Development Godwin Apaliyah to secure the funding.

“Thank Godwin Apaliyah,” said Kinzer. “He’s the one who was behind this grant effort and he came here and had two or three meetings with us and showed us what we needed to do.”

According to Kinzer, the village had to contribute 25 percent to secure the $28,000 NatureWorks grant. Kinzer said $21,000 came from the state for the grant, and the village’s 25 percent contribution — $7,000 — was paid for by Fayette County.

“The Fayette County Parks and Recreation said that they would take care of that $7,000 for us, so the village has zero dollars invested,” said Kinzer.

In addition to the ODNR NatureWorks grant, Kinzer said the Jeffersonville Athletic Association received a grant for the village park at 23 W. High St.

“The Jeffersonville Athletic Association put in for a Travel and Tourism Grant and they got the funds to put in two new dugouts at the ball field, and they’re going to put up a new batting cage on a concrete slab. That grant is for approximately $10,000,” said Kinzer.

A new picnic shelter was constructed at the village park last year, said Kinzer.

Kinzer said the community will continue to release updates regarding work upgrades to the village park and pool.

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Village receives $28k NatureWorks grant

By Ashley Bunton

Contact Ashley at (740) 313-0355 or connect on Twitter by searching for @ashbunton

Contact Ashley at (740) 313-0355 or connect on Twitter by searching for @ashbunton