Land Transfers

AUG. 21

Stephanie L. Bivens, Stephanie L. Compton, Brian W. Compton to William L. Knisley, Brandy Knisley, 0.457A Perry Twp 1818 York Road.

Dean L. Hartman, Linda E. Hartman to Dean L. Hartman, TR, Dean L. Hartman, Trust, UND 1/2 INT, Linda E. Hartman, TR, Linda E. Hartman, Trust, UND 1/2 INT, 114.189A/152.953A VMS 6452 ETC Wayne Twp./ALSO 88.00A Ross County UND 1/3 INT.

David A. Wittmer, TR, Patricia L. Wittmer, TR, Wittmer Family Trust to David A. Wittmer, Patricia L. Wittmer, 0.789A VMS 663 ETC Wash 2259 Robinson Road SE.

Charles E. Blair, Connie Blair to James E. Hagler, Courtney J. Hagler, 1347 Dill Road NE.

Byron B. Stinson, DECD, Byron Stinson, DECD to Melany Stinson Newby, Manly Stinson, 48.61A VMS 602 Wayne Twp and Ross County 515 Dogtown Road.

Kristal K. Caton, Kristal K. Whited, Charles A. Caton to Carrie A. Leasure, 252 Arbor Village Sub Phase 5 Wash 898 Aspen Drive.

AUG. 26

Helen Cook, DECD, Helen M. Cook, DECD, Sandra Lee Bowling, DECD, Wesley Earl Cook, DECD, Marvin E. Cook, DECD to David Bowling, Brian Bowling, Leslyn Barrone, Grace Bell Cook, Angela Cook, Brenda Snyder, Gail A. Cook, Krista Cook Thomas, Sherry Rohrer, 8/9 Fairview Add 2 Wash 328 E. Elm Street Ref O/R v145 p138.

Angela Cook, Gail A. Cook, Sherry Rohrer, Brad W. Rohrer, Brad Rohrer, Brenda Snyder, Richard Snyder, Krista L. Cook Thomas, Krista Cook Thomas, Brian Bowling, Julie A. Bowling, Julie Bowling, Leslyn Barrone, Robert Barrone to Rosemary A. Dilley, 8/9 Fairview Add 2 Wash 328 E. Elm Street.

Grace B. Cook, Grace Bell Cook to Rosemary A. Dilley, 8/9 Fairview Add 2 Wash 328 E. Elm Street.

David Bowling to Rosemary A. Dilley, 8/9 Fairview Add 2 Wash 328 E. Elm Street.

Branch Banking and Trust Co to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 5.010A VMS 6938 Perry Twp.

Michael D. Duff, Ann S. Duff to David D. Duff, Lisa K. Duff, 30.553A VMS 3701 Etc Marion Twp/23.752A Union Twp.

AUG. 27

Roger D. Blackburn, Peggy L. Blackburn to David L. Babcock, 82 Storybrook Add Sec 5 Wash 933 Glenn Avenue.

Mildred M. Smith, DECD to Kermit O. Smith, 5.352A Wayne Twp UND 1/2 INT.

Rollo M. Gray, DECD to Jack E. Wisecup, Co-Suc TR, Mary Lou Wisecup, Co-Suc TR, Rollo M. Gray, Trust, 231.098A +/- VNS 889 Jasper Twp.

Jean P. Carson to Jean P. Carson, TR, Jean P. Carson, Trust, memorandum of trust.

Charles E. Carson to Charles E. Carson, TR, Charles E. Carson, Trust, memorandum of trust.

Charles E. Carson, Jean P. Carson to Trustee Charles E. Carson, Trust, Charles E. Carson, Trust, UND 1/2 INT, Trustee Jean P. Carson, Trust, Jean P. Carson, Trust, UND 1/2 INT, 12.73A/104.23A/0.75A/11.8039A 5556 ETC Perry Twp Wash-New Martinsburg Road SW.

To Shirley M. Buckler, 1.225A VMS 7862 MAD Twp 9220 S.R. 207 N T.O.D. Designation.

To Rosemary A. Dilley, 8/9 Fairview Add 2 Wash 328 E. Elm Street T.O.D. Designation.

YUSA Corp to Cheryl J. Patterson, Unit 1272 Building 4 Villas at Trotters Pointe Condominium Wash 1272 Paddock Loop.

Dwayne Woodard, Gail L. Woodard to Gilbert J. Thomas, Leah S. Thomas, 704 Yeoman Street.

Don Wendell Burke, DECD, Donald Wendell Burke, DECD to Ronald Burke, Suc-TR, Ronald W. Burke, Suc-TR, 5 J Stone Walkers Sub Wash 1035 N. North Street Ref O/R v183 p2900.

Jennifer L. Eckert to Brent A. Black, Guyanna K. Black, 7.173A VMS 2926 Wayne Twp Creek Road.

Barbara L. Faris, Barbara L. Umbleby, Dean Allen Faris to Timothy D. Dettwiller, Chelsea M. Dettwiller, 6 Wayne Manor Sub 1 Jefferson Twp 7961 St. Rt. 41 NW.

Nicholas Dewey, Kathleen Dewey to Robby Eugene Richards, Shana Lynn Richards, 1.2426A VMS 911 Jasper Twp 6346 St. Rt. 22 SW.

Ronnie D. Cox, Ruth M Cox to Matthew D. Jackson, Kimberly S. Jackson, PT 25/PT 26 Brownell Gilmore Sub 1956 Wash 162 Eastview Road.