Local veterans recognized at recent Genealogical Society meeting

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Approximately 6,700 people die in the United States every day. Of those deaths, over 1,000 of them are the veterans of the United States armed forces, many of them having served during wars and other armed conflicts in which the United States has been and are involved.

Fayette County is the home of veterans from all these wars and conflicts beginning with the American Revolution, through the War of 1812, the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, the war against Isis and all the other wars and conflicts in which the United States have sent our armed forces to protect our freedoms and stamp out atrocities.

On Nov. 20, Harry Wright presented one section of a seven-part program, entitled “Voices of Veterans,” for the last program of the year for the Fayette County Genealogical Society. Harry chose the seventh part which ended the series that gives homage to those veterans who have passed on, giving a voice to those men and women who have served this country who can no longer speak. On one monument shown in this presentation that is dedicated to veterans, it states “All Gave Some, Some Gave All.” That inscription pretty much says it all. Harry informed those present that in other parts of the seven-part series, veterans of Fayette County are interviewed and recorded so that our veterans’ experiences are not lost.

“Voices of Veterans” is available on CD and will be provided to any Fayette County veteran free of cost. If you are a Fayette County veteran, contact the Fayette County Genealogical Society and we will be happy to direct you as to how to obtain a copy.

Harry Wright’s presentation was very timely as the Society has begun work on a new book in which we plan to list all deceased veterans who have served during war times as listed in this article. If you have a family member who has served during a war or an armed conflict, please contact the Fayette County Genealogical Society by reaching Glenn Rankin at 740-505-9335 or eaglescout303@yahoo.com, or Sue Gilmore at 614-864-9609 or suegilmore@yahoo.com , or Cathy Massie White at 740-333-7227 or RenionMassie@yahoo.com.

On Dec. 18, Society members and their guests will gather for our end of the year holiday dinner. It will be catered by Jason Gilmore with the social hour beginning at 6 p.m. and dinner being served at 6:30 p.m. The Washington Court House venue for this occasion has not yet been finalized, but those making a reservation will be kept informed. The cost for dinner including tip is $15 per person. Please make your reservations now by contacting Sue Gilmore at 614-864-9609 or suegilmore@yahoo.com.

Last but very importantly, the Society will be hosting its second-annual Societies Workshop. The Societies Workshop will be held in the genealogy room of the Carnegie Library, 127 S. North St., Washington Court House on Saturday, Dec. 2 between the hours of 10 a.m. and noon. The societies within the Fayette County Genealogical Society include First Families of Fayette County for anyone having an ancestor who lived in Fayette County by Dec. 31, 1820, and Century Families of Fayette County for anyone having an ancestor who lived in Fayette County by Dec. 31, 1916.

If you have an ancestor who served in the civil war union or confederate who served from April 12, 1861 and April 18, 1865 and lived in Fayette County or served out of Fayette County, you are eligible for the society of Civil War Families of Fayette County. The workshop is open for anyone who has obtained any of the forms for any of these societies. Also, forms and information will be available on the day of the workshop for anyone who is interested in participating. Members of the Society and the community members are encouraged to attend.

If you have questions concerning this workshop or the Fayette County Genealogical Society, contact Cathy Massie White at 740-333-7227 or ReunionMassie@yahoo.com

Submitted article