Fayette County needs poll workers for Election Day

Polling location changes, poll workers and election training were on the agenda Thursday during the Fayette County Board of Elections’ September meeting.

Polls for Wayne Township voters in two precincts will be moved to a new location.

Beth Ann Snyder, Fayette County Board of Elections director, said the location change will be more convenient for voters in precincts 1b and 1c.

The polling location for Wayne Township voters in 1b and 1c precincts will move from the Masonic Lodge to the rear of the fire house, according to the board.

The fire house is ADA compliant, said Snyder.

“We think that the garage straight off of the parking lot that is ADA compliant is the better thing for the voters. Going down to the basement is for the poll workers,” Snyder.

It’s possible that the polls will be moved from the garage to the basement next year, said Snyder.

The board discussed the work Jeff Garringer has done on creating layouts of both the garage and the basement. Board member Dan Roberts made a motion to compensate Garringer with up to $100 for the work he has done and the motion was passed by the board.

Snyder and board of election’s deputy director Karla Morrison said postcard mailer notifications are ready to be sent out to voters who will be affected by the polling location change. The cards are colored bright orange and will say “Fire House Rear.”

“We have to send [polling location change notifications] out 30 days before the election. It’s better to wait to send it out until closer to the election, so we’re thinking the 26th of September. That would be six weeks out, you hate to do it too far ahead, they’ll forget about it,” said Snyder.

“I would also post at the Masonic Lodge that very same card with another thing that said if this was sent to you please go to the fire station,” said Roberts.

There were no additional polling location changes.

The board next discussed the general election in November.

Eleven of 13 polling locations in the county have been confirmed for the election. Snyder said a couple of other locations are waiting to have their September meeting to confirm locations and the board should receive confirmation soon.

The ballot for the election is programmed to the requirements of the Ohio Secretary of State’s office and the proofs of the ballot have been posted on the board of elections website, posted at the courthouse and in the city building, according to Snyder.

Regarding recruitment of poll workers and poll worker training, the board emphasized the need for Democrat poll workers in the general election this year.

Training for interested poll workers is scheduled for Oct. 25 and 26.

“We are needing poll workers, especially Democrat poll workers,” said Snyder.

Some poll workers who have worked in previous years are unable to work this year.

Poll workers get paid approximately $160 for attending training and working all day on Election Day.

Board member Judy Craig recommended pulling up a list of past trained poll workers to see who might be available to work the polls this year.

Snyder said the board has recently begun to keep track of poll worker training on the computer.

“We train so much, the poll workers have to train every three years, but it seems like we constantly train because there are so many changes. There are mandatory trainings, new e-poll books, it’s like we have had constant training. There’s really no one who hasn’t had training unless they’re brand new,” said Snyder.

“If training was only on how to use the new e-poll books, they need the newbie training,” said Craig.

Training for new poll workers will be at 4 p.m. Oct. 26. People interested in registering for the training may call the Fayette County Board of Elections for more information.

October 8 is the last day to register to vote in the general election. Extended hours for absentee voting starts Oct. 11, and Snyder said the board of elections will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“Do you think you’ll be that busy off the bat?” asked board member Robin Beekman.

“It depends,” said Snyder.

Snyder said most people come in to vote between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and it’s likely the board will have three or four additional people to help with absentee voting each day.

Information on voter registration dates, absentee voting, and the ballot proof may be viewed by accessing the Fayette County Board of Elections website at https://www.electionsonthe.net/oh/fayette/

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Training, poll location changes discussed in Board of Elections meeting

By Ashley Bunton


Reach Ashley by calling her at (740) 313-0355 or by searching Twitter.com for @ashbunton