Fayette County Parks District holds September meeting, names new treasurer

The Fayette County Parks District board met for its regular monthly meeting Wednesday and named Dan Stahl the new treasurer of the board, as well as discussed work on The Greens golf course and The Highland House restaurant.

The meeting began with David Kiger resigning as treasurer of the board. He said he hasn’t had the time the position requires as he is also busy with his law practice. He said that Stahl, one of the two newest board members, (the other newest member to the now five-member board is Miami Trace Superintendent David Lewis who was absent from the meeting) is retired and may have more time to handle the responsibilities of the position. Kiger then made a motion to name Stahl the new treasurer for the Fayette County Parks District board and it was seconded by Angie Tackett before being approved unanimously by the board.

“It has been a lot of years since I did stuff in Washington Court House,” Stahl said following the meeting Wednesday. “I had a business in Fairborn for the last 16 years and we just closed it down. I know the commissioners and the position came up, and one of them asked me if I would be interested in serving on the board. I served with the recreation committee for the city years ago and this gives me a chance to get back into it, something near and dear to my heart. So with David (Kiger) busy with his practice and myself having a little more time, we can see what we can get done.”

Following the approval, the board reviewed and approved two sets of minutes, the July 5 meeting minutes and the special July 17 meeting minutes. The board was unable to meet in August due to various personal reasons. Stahl then began discussing two months worth of financial reports. This included receiving donations for chemicals as well as money spent on renovating The Highland House restaurant and ensuring the golf course would be able to open. The board also discussed estimates for stove hood replacements, repairing a fire suppression system, and talked about a recent health department visit to the restaurant. Stahl said the health department approved the use of two freezers, but told him that they were holding at 41 degrees and that was just within the acceptable level and should be checked.

The board signed a resolution on Wednesday, per the recommendation of Stahl, after receiving comments about handling the payment of parks district bills. Prior to the resolution, each member was able to go to the Fayette County Treasurer and request funds to ensure bills are paid for the board. With the golf course and restaurant set up requiring so many services to be rendered, the board would make trips multiple times per week to get this done. The resolution recommended designates the treasurer to be the sole signatory for the parks district board for all financial transactions with and by Fayette County. The resolution said that it will help to ensure consistency in operation and compliance with applicable financial and legal standards as well as sets up a precedent for all bills to be paid once per month unless in an emergency. The resolution was passed unanimously and all members in attendance signed.

Finally, the board approved two final motions before adjourning. The first motion allows Tackett to file for the Fayette County Travel and Tourism TAG grant for a new sign, and improvements to an office space for the board. The second motion was to rescind a motion made on May 30 setting the rates for the restaurant at $500 for a full day and $200 for a half day as well as a motion for free use of the building for the schools. All of these decisions are now made by the current tenant and the board will receive 15 percent of gross profits.

Among other items discussed: the board is seeking to add additional land into their assets and move on to a new project as they wind down work at the golf course. They will be looking to add their own section to the Fayette County website for people to find more information about the board, and also said they will be talking to organizers of the Triangle Trail over the coming months to see how they can work together. More trees will be ordered with the City of Washington Court House to be planted next year.

For more information about the Fayette County Parks District stay with the Record-Herald for monthly updates.

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By Martin Graham


Reach Martin Graham at (740) 313-0351 or on Twitter @MartiTheNewsGuy