Police Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Sept. 5

Joshua W. Mauley, 34, 895 Black Stone St., Fayette County Sheriff’s Office bench warrant.

Cassandra L. Cottrell, 24, 703 Broadway St., Fayette County Sheriff’s Office bench warrant.

Clifford L. Cost, Jr., 42, Frankfort, Ross County Sheriff’s Office bench warrant/failure to appear.

Sept. 4

Adam D. Phillips, 30, 206 McKinley Ave., bench warrant/failure to comply, Wilmington Police Department bench warrant.

Brandi A. Culp, 27, 1102 Solid Rock Blvd., Apt. 16, Highland County Sheriff’s Office bench warrant.

Troy A. Estep, 39, Jeffersonville, bench warrant/civil protection order violation.

William T. Wheaton, 22, Greenfield, speed 51/35.

Sebastian R.S. Williams, 25, Sabina, inducing panic.

Brian K. Landenburg, 33, 511 E. Temple St., #9, domestic violence (third-degree felony).

Sept. 3

Female, 16, Washington C.H., no operator’s license, failure to yield.

Juvenile, 17, Washington C.H., permitting minor to operate vehicle without license.

Lucas M. Slaton, 18, 832 Lakeview Ave., bench warrant/failure to appear.

Ashley D.M. Martin, 33, Grove City, no operator’s license, Xenia Police Department warrant for assault.

Jordan S. Ott, 25, Chillicothe, Ross County Sheriff’s Office warrant for domestic violence.

Shannon D. Hunt, 29, New Holland, no operator’s license, fictitious registration.

Matthew C. Scarberry, 34, 801 John St., Wilmington Police Department bench warrant.

Robert O. Hawkins, Jr., 48, Jeffersonville, Fayette County Sheriff’s Office felony warrant.

Sept. 2

Chelsea D. Johnson, 22, Mount Sterling, failure to yield.

Robert M. Moreton, II, 32, Sabina, disorderly conduct.

Dawn T. Pettit, 34, Jamestown, traffic control device violation.

Male, 17, Washington C.H., domestic violence, possession of meth, possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Desiree D. Coonrod, 22, 627 E. Market St., permitting drug abuse (fifth-degree felony).

Rebecca J. Hedges, 22, at large, Washington C.H., illegal possession of Ohio Direction card, tampering with evidence.

Jesse A. Black, 35, Dayton, trafficking in drugs (fourth-degree felony), possession of heroin, possession of cocaine, illegal possession of an Ohio Direction card, tampering with evidence.

Sept. 1

Lisa J. Bice, 49, 5857 Creek Road, bench warrant/failure to comply.

Tasha D. Lowry, 30, at large, bench warrant/failure to comply.

Martin J. Hoagland, 49, at large, bench warrant/failure to appear.

Angel L. Caldwell, 45, Greenfield, warrant/falsification.

Brandon Poole, 27, Greenfield, speed.

Brittany N. Hudson, 31, 323 Delaware St., failure to yield at stop sign.

Steven D. Zimmerman, 45, 8622 US 62 Northeast, expired registration.

Tiffany F. Rutherford, 24, New Holland, expired registration, failure to transfer registration.

Aug. 31

Matthias G. Mossbarger, 31, 705 High St., no operator’s license.

Leanne Roper, 35, 926 Pearl St., speed.

Kyle J. Wutzler, 20, 910 E. Temple St., theft (first-degree misdemeanor).

Martin J. Hoagland, 49, at large, failure to appear bench warrant, theft (first-degree misdemeanor).

David W. Schilling, 62, 310 N. North St., Apt. 110, disorderly by intoxication.

Savannah L. Mitchem, 19, 1215 Gregg St., falsification (first-degree misdemeanor).

Clinton D. Jarrell, 424 W. Front St., New Holland, falsification (first-degree misdemeanor).