WCH man convicted for drug trafficking

A 22-year-old Washington Court House man caught with 7.43 grams of meth and a stolen revolver plead guilty Monday and was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison.

Justin M. Wilson, formally of 407 Broadway St., appeared in court for three felony criminal cases in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas.

Wilson plead guilty to the following charges in the three cases: aggravated possession of drugs, a third-degree felony; receiving stolen property, a fourth-degree felony; aggravated trafficking in drugs, a third-degree felony; trafficking in heroin, a fourth-degree felony; trafficking in cocaine, a fourth-degree felony; and carrying a concealed weapon, a fourth-degree felony.

The court noted that the possession of drugs charge was elevated to a third-degree aggravated possession of drugs felony because the activity occurred within the vicinity of the Washington C.H. middle school.

Wilson was arrested March 17 during a traffic stop after being pulled over on Delaware Street for having no illumination of his vehicle’s rear license plate light. Wilson, who did not possess a valid driver’s license at the time of the stop, was arrested on a warrant from the Washington C.H. Municipal Court for failure to appear.

During a search of the vehicle, a prescription pill container between the driver’s seat and the center console held three clear cellophane bags containing a white substance that tested positive for methamphetamine. Wilson was charged with aggravated possession due to the amount of meth weighing 7.43 grams.

Wilson was arrested again April 27 after police were called in reference to suspicious people sitting in the parking lot of Ohio Thrift at 100 Washington Square.

Upon arrival a police officer witnessed Wilson attempt to hide a glass meth pipe, according to reports. Wilson was asked to exit the vehicle and a loaded pistol, digital scale, and baggies were removed from his pockets. Upon further search of the vehicle, another loaded pistol was located, along with 98 small plastic baggies, another digital scale, hypodermic needles, and several substances (in amounts less than bulk) that tested positive for meth, cocaine, heroin and marijuana.

Wilson’s three-and-a-half-year prison sentence was negotiated and jointly recommended by both the defense and prosecution in the case. He faced a maximum total sentence on all charges of 12 years in prison.

Wilson was credited with 71 days of time already served in the Fayette County Jail on the charges.

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By Ashley Bunton


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