Rain is a precious commodity

We have had and are still in the midst of what can only be described as a resplendent (adjective/”attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous”) summer. It may be easy in the heat of this time to forget that typically Augusts in Ohio bring dry and hot weather, and frequently the browns of grass and field that we associate with limited moisture.

Believe it or not, our temperatures have not actually been so very hot, but the humidity is high, which is hard on us; when the air has a high moisture content, our sweat cannot evaporate. Many must still be outdoors, harvesting the bounty of this season, and continuing the weeding and mowing that do not abate due to this year’s plentiful rains. Indoors, the activities of canning and other food preserving duties are just plain hot work!

Are humans conditioned to complain about the weather? Conversations about weather are often “safe” subjects. However, whether privately or communally, it is important to consider those who live with drought year after year, and heat that we cannot imagine, including the effects of short- and long-term drought on crops and pasture, woodlands and livestock, wells and rain barrels and drinking water. While I am personally tired of the seemingly never ending weeding and mowing, and shake my head at the cost and effort at replacing tons of driveway gravel that washed out during earlier heavy rains, I have made a decision that I will never complain about rain…it is a precious commodity.

The Wednesday Fayette County Farm Market runs from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the TSC parking lot (1650 Columbus Ave.) in Washington C.H. This location provides easy access to vendors and parking. SNAP EBT food benefit cards, Senior Farm Market coupons and credit/debit cards are accepted. Those using the SNAP EBT card for produce receive matching dollar VeggieSNAP tokens ($1 for $1) for additional fruits and vegetables. So,”buy one, get one” for fruit and vegetables, up to $10 EVERY market day.

The following vendors have indicated that they plan on selling this Wednesday, and other vendors may participate as well:

Windflower Farm (Elaine Anschutz): Various baked goods and treats, culinary mixes, catnip, lavender, crafts, dog treats, info on FCDS.

B.Y.E Gardens (Brian and Elaine Yoder): Tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, candy onions, green beans, acorn, butternut and spaghetti squashes, cantaloupe, sweet corn, popcorn, cinnamon rolls, strawberry bread, peanut butter cookies, lemon cookies.

Chilcote Farms (Bruce and Marlene Chilcote): Honey, cookies and small cakes.

Dan’s Deli (Denise Rhodes): Reubens, phillies, fried bologna, burgers, hot dogs and soda.

D.J.’s Farm (Dennis Anschutz): Baked goods and seasonal produce.

Jones Farm Fresh Produce (Jon and Taylor Jones): Sweet corn, green beans, red potatoes, tomatoes (slicing, cherry and Romas), peppers (green bell and habanero), watermelon, zucchini, yellow squash, sausage patties, sweet Italian links and jalapeño links.

This and That (Mary Ford): Garden and home crafts (coasters, mug rugs, aprons, OSU items, jewelry, and NEW summer goose dresses), baked goods (pineapple upside down cake, apple butter bread, peanut butter fudge).

Katrina Bush is a vendor with the Fayette County Farm Market.

Fayette County Farm Market returns this Wednesday

By Katrina Bush

For the Record-Herald