Sweet corn and beans now available at the Market

By Katrina Bush - For the Record-Herald

Native Americans inter-planted corn, beans and squash, and referred to them as the “three sisters.” They provide supports to each other while growing and together provide the complex carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamins necessary for a highly nutritious diet.

“Corn provides tall stalks for the beans to climb so that they are not out-competed by sprawling squash vines. Beans provide nitrogen to fertilize the soil while also stabilizing the tall corn during heavy winds. Beans are nitrogen-fixers meaning they host rhizobia on their roots that can take nitrogen, a much needed plant nutrient, from the air and convert it into forms that can be absorbed by plant roots. The large leaves of squash plants shade the ground which helps retain soil moisture and prevent weeds” (Melissa Kruse-Peeples, May 27, 2016, nativeseeds.org). The prickly stems of the squash were also known to deter animal invaders.

Sweet corn and beans are now available at the market, and the squash family is not far behind!

The Fayette County Farm Market is open every Saturday morning from 8:30 to noon and is located in the municipal parking lot on the corner of South Main and East East streets. SNAP EBT food benefit cards, Senior Farm Market coupons and credit/debit cards are accepted—stop by the FM “Info and Children’s Booth” (beside the Sunshine Cleaners) for assistance. Those using the SNAP EBT card for produce receive matching dollar VeggieSNAP tokens ($1 for $1) for additional fruits and vegetables. So,”buy one, get one” for fruit and vegetables, up to $10 EVERY market day.

The following list contains the names and products of the vendors that expect to set up for the Saturday Market. Other vendors may participate as well.

Forgotten Way Farms (Cathy Ludi): DoTERRA essential oils, homemade soap, laundry detergent concentrate, bath salts and bombs, balms, wooded decor, and homemade organic vanilla extract.

Garland Farms (Joe Garland): Sweetcorn.

Gerhardts (Kevin Gerhardt): Bi-color and white super sweet corn, cucumbers.

Greens & Greenery (Katrina Bush): Fresh dried herbs (basil, sacred basil, sage, parsley), cilantro seed for summer/fall planting, seasonal produce. Egyptian walking onion sets. Herb and flowering plants. Peanut butter & honey cookies and walnut/honey pastry (baklava). Growing Local Food, by Mary Lou Shaw.

Jones Farm Fresh Produce (Jon & Taylor Jones): Green beans, red potatoes, candy onions, green onions, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, pork chops, sausage patties, jalapeño sausage links, sweet Italian links, ground pork and chicken breast.

Keypoint Farm (Nevin Stauffer & family): Produce.

King Farms (Jeff and Sandi King): Sweet corn, green beans, onions, beets and homemade pies and cookies.

Persinger Produce and Cottage Foods (David Perisnger and Julie Mosny): Pies, cinni mini’s pecan sticky buns, cinnamon rolls and local raw honey.

Slate Creek Farms (Christen Orebaugh): Seasonal produce and fresh baked goods.

This and That (MaryFord): Garden and home crafts (NEW summer goose dresses, coasters, mug rugs, aprons, OSU items, jewelry), baked goods (apple butter bread, PB fudge).

Wood by DW (Debbie Welch): Wood primatives and sewn kitchen crafts.

Your Other Mother’s Kitchen (Don and Sara Creamer): Artisan breads, whole wheat brownie tarts, and bran muffin tops.

By Thy Hand (Mark and Lori Chrisman): Angel food cakes, pies, assorted breads, snicker doodles, seasoning & dip mixes, recycled pallet crates & boxes.

Chilcote Farm (Bruce & Marlene Chilcote): Honey.

Dale’s Crafts (Dale Butler): rustic benches, red, white, & blue benches, swinging chair, Uncle Sam, serving trays, outdoor games (washer toss, corn hole bags and boards, yard yahtzee), Adirondack chair.

D.J.’s Farm (Dennis Anschutz): Baked goods and seasonal produce.

DeBruin Family Dairy (Grant and Toni DeBruin): Gourds, fresh herbs, organic butter, wildflower cards, chocolate chip cookies, seasonal produce.

Engedi (Beth Day, Alana Walters, Janet Bick): Assorted home baked goods (cinnamon rolls, bread, yeast rolls, cookies, pies, brownies, cobblers, whoopie pies,small specialty bread), Icees, chemical free soap, and a children’s activity.

Katrina Bush is a vendor with the Fayette County Farm Market.

By Katrina Bush

For the Record-Herald