Police Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Feb. 22

Wayne R. Encinas, 48, 313 S. Fayette St., failure to control.

Feb. 21

Branden R. Grooms, 32, 126 Forest St., failure to yield.

Shirley A. Pettit, 62, 968 Mt. Olive Road, speed.

Marco A. Forsythe, 31, 107 W. Ohio Ave., aggravated menacing (first-degree misdemeanor).

George A. Shadley, 23, 722 Eastern Ave., no operator’s license.

Kent N. Litteral, 36, 820 Highland Ave. 4F, unauthorized use of property (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Steven J. Garufi, 35, 445 W. Circle Ave., breaking and entering, possession of drug abuse instruments.

Male, 14, Washington C.H., domestic violence, unruly.

Charles E. Peterman, 25, 511 E. Temple St., Apt. 10, bench warrant – failure to appear (two counts).

Andrew McCoy, 40, 1106 Solid Rock Blvd., Apt. 8, disorderly conduct.

Amber Tigue, 38, 1106 Solid Rock Blvd., Apt. 8, disorderly conduct.

Darren L. Williams, 45, Louisville, Ky., seven counts of theft (fifth-degree felonies), tampering with evidence.

Feb. 20

Rick McKinney, 52, 1980 Beacon St., no operator’s license.

Breanna N. Phillips, 20, 803 W. Oakland, speed 37/25.

Bonnie J. Meltler, 34, 94 Jamison Road, speed.

Jeffrey G. Caulley, 39, 523 Fifth St., speed 40/25.

Caleb A. Workman, 30, 46 Lincoln St., Bloomingburg, possession of drugs.