Land Transfers

FEB. 1

James A. Paisley, Mary V. Paisley to Chad Leisure, PT 461 Beremans add Wash. 219 Lewis St.

JAN. 31

To Charles E. Hammond, Tammy Jo Hammond, 7.443 A VMS 658 Perry Twp., 3043 Ghormley Rd.

To Don V. Lusby, Don Lusby, 1.350 A VMS 10505 Wayne Twp., 3591 Camp Grove Rd.

Bob R. Mustain, deceased to Phyllis L. Mustain, PT 63 C.W. Henkles add Wash. 238 Hickory St., ref o/r v190, P2224

JAN. 27

Brian M. Eakins, Martina Eakins to Villager Capital & Investment, LLC, 6.8463 A, VMS 6281 Etc., Concord Twp., 5134 Greenfield-Sabina Rd., rerecord, ref o/r v197, P3024

Kelly C. Parker, K. Parker to James O. Parker, 1.9978 A, VMS 9290 Madison Twp., 8659 Harrison Road, NE.

Danielle L. Harvel, Danielle Lynne Harvel to Gregory P. Harvel, 26.9015 A/1.5985 A, VMS 7788 etc., Madison Twp.

Frederick W. Hoppes, deceased, to Nancy L. Hoppes, 1.0382 A, VMS 2926 Wayne Twp., und 1/2 int.

Daniel M. Hoppes, Joan Hoppes to Nancy L. Hoppes, 1.0382 A, VMS 2926 Wayne Twp, Rock Bridge Road.

JAN. 26

Robert H. Glispie to US Bank TR, 3 Milledgeville, 8215 Main St., $10,000, NW, Sheriff deed.

Justin Mayer, Stacey Mayer to Wilmington Savings Bank, 3.0001 A, VMS 7040 etc., Jefferson Twp., $135,000, 952 SR 734 NW, Sheriff deed.

Merry J. Fairley, Merry Fairley to James M. Hamby PT inlot 107/PT inlot 108, Wash., 323 N. Hinde St.

Gina Lou Gardner, Guy R. Gardner Sr. to Ruby Richlean Rayburn, PTS 4 Milledgeville, 8221 Main St. NW.

Kenneth D. Johnson, Karen A. Johnson to Daniel S. Kinzler, Bethany K. Kinzler, 598 M A Melvins, $82,000, Add Wash. 904 Rawlings St.

JAN. 25

Janet L. Sollars tr, Janet L. Sollars, trust to Janet L. Sollars, 66.000 A/25.000 A VMS 14706 etc. Concord Twp., und 1/4 int.

Janet L. Sollars to Jeffrey A. Sollars, Bridget M. Sollars, Brian H. Sollars, Mary K. Sollars, Michael D. Sollars, Sherry A. Sollars, Steven L. Sollars, Lisa E. Sollars, 66.000 A/25.000 A VMS 14706 etc. Concord Twp., und 1/4 int.

JAN. 24

Maxine A. Dewees est to Thomas L. Heath, Maxine Dewees est to Holly Noel Heath, 43 Belle Aire So. Sub. Wash., $92,000

Najah Jiaz, to Latrail EC Bowman, Natasha K. Bowman, pt 438 Beremans, add Wash., 708 E. Market St., $85,000.

JAN. 23

Nathan J. Runnels, Brandi J. Runnels to Jeffrey E. Litteral, 148 Storybrook add Sec. 4, Wash., $107,000, 416 Spring Ave.

Staked Properties LLC to Double L Enterprises LLC, pts. 909 LC Coffmans add Wash., $72,000, 529 E. 3rd St & 815 Maple St.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Carol A. Morrison, 404 Wash. imp co sub Wash. 1213 Grace St.

JAN. 20

Anna M. Lawrence, deceased to Richard M. Penwell und 1/2 int, Bradley B. Penwell und 1/2 int, unit 811 Fairway condominium, Union Twp.

Edna Huff, deceased to Ron Huff, pt inlot 70/ pt 71 Bloomingburg.

JAN. 19

Terry D. Wilson, Sally Wilson, Amy Wilson-Winters, Amy Wilson Winters, Derek Winters, Jeri L. Maguire, Richard Maguire to Bradley D. Wilson, Lisa Wilson, 1 Oakbrook sub Concord Twp, Staunton-Suger Grove Road.

Bradley D. Wilson, Amy Wilson-Winters, Amy Wilson Winters, Jeri L. Maguire, Richard Maguire, Lisa Wilson, Derek Winters, Lisa L. Wilson to Terry D. Wilson, Sally Wilson, inlot 30 Good Hope, 3965 Main Street, SE

Bradley D. Wilson, Amy Winters Wilson, Amy Winters-Wilson, Amy Wilson Winters, Derek Winters, Terry D. Wilson, Sally Wilson, Lisa L. Wilson, Lisa Wilson, to Jeri L. Maguire, pt 9 D Waters add Wash. 816 Columubs Ave.

Gradley D. Wilson, Lisa L. Wilson, Terry D. Wilson, Sally Wilson, Amy Wilson-Winters, Amy Wilson Winters, Jeri L. Maguire, Richard Maguire, Derek Winters, Lisa Wilson to Frances Tonette Knox, tr Clinton Ave. Wash. 730-732 Clinton Ave.

JAN. 17

Patricia M. Pettit to Kenneth W. Pettit trust, Patricia M. Pettit tr, und 1/2 int, Patricia M. Pettit trust, 3.244 A VMS 3701 Bloomingburg, 103 Main St.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lance Joseph, 3 trs Yeoman St. Wash., 726 Yeoman St.

Jeffrey L. Wright, Delberta Ann Wright to Tracy L. Thomas, 23/24 Lakewood Hills sub Concord Twp, $120,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Eric E. Overly, 61/inlot, 62/vacated alley New Martinsburg, Perry Twp, 10015 Washington-New Martinsburg Road SW

Ronald E. Meyers, Jean M. Meyers to Ronald Caldwell, Shirley Caldwell, 1.706A VMS 2522 Green Twp, also 23.767A Highland County, 13358 Stafford Road

Jason T. Johnson to RMBS REO Holdings, LLC, 3 Jess Gilmores sub Wash. Sheriff deed, $37,000

Kenneth W. Pettit to Kenneth W. Pettit tr, Kenneth W. Pettit trust, Patricia M. Pettit tr, Matthew T. Pettit tr, memorandum of trust

Patricia M. Pettit to Patricia M. Pettit tr, Patricia M. Pettit trust, Kenneth W. tr, Cassandra Combs tr, memorandum of trust

Kenneth W. Pettit to Kenneth W. Pettit tr und 1/2 int

JAN. 13

David G. Robertson, Pamela S. Robertson to Gary L. Kinzer, Teresa L. Kinzer, 4 J Stone Walkers add Wash., $40,000, 1029 N. North St.

Rosalind F. Cottrill, deceased, to Larry W. Cottrill, 0.683 A VMS10322 Madison Twp., 8137 Post Road NE, ref d/r v133, p 324

William E. Holley, Mary M. Holley to Jack L. Bishop, pt 459 Joel S. Beremans add Wash., $4,000, 924 E. Market St.

To Harold L. Fields, 3 Brownell Gilmore 1956 add Wash., 137 Eastview Road.

Kevin B. Lake tr to Susan E. Lake tr, Penn Lake Farm Trust I, 22.8260 A VMS 1840 Green Twp.

Randy R. Hanners, Tammy L. DiCaro to Michael S. Lower, Tamara L. Lower, pts 4 Fent & Creamers add Jeffersonville, $47,000, 48 Railroad St.

JAN. 12

Jodie Watson, Joseph Lee Watson to Jennifer S. Langley, Harry J. Langley Jr. 2.748 A VMS 846 Union Twp., $258,200, 953 Mount Olive Rd.

Kami S. Campbell, Donald G. Anders, to Brian M. Dawes, 326 Storybrook add sec 13 Wash., $185,000, 492 Brittim Dr.

Jeffrey L. Whitehair, Mildred A. Whitehair to Thomas J. Chambers, 4/pt 3 C H Brownells sub/tr, Rawlings St. Wash., $165,000, 411 Rawlings St.

Jennifer S. Welling-Langley, Jennifer S. Welling, Harry J. Langley Jr. to Kurt S. Muller, pt 15 Mills Gardners add Wash., $127,500, 632 Main St.,

Norman R. Kingery, deceased, Norman Kingery, deceased to Ruby I. Kingery, pt 114 Rawlings add Wash., 50% int.

Ruby I. Kingery, deceased, Ruby Kingery, deceased to Tony Kingery, pt 155 Rawlins add Wash.

Ruby Kingery, deceased, Ruby I. Kingery, deceased to Tanya Speakman, 9 Washington Park Imp. Co., add Wash. 901-903 Washington Ave.

Ruby I. Kingery, deceased to Tanya Speakman, 2.000 A VMS, 810 Wayne Twp.

Ruby I. Kingery, deceased to Tanya Speakman, LF est. 50% int, to Tony Kingery LF est. 50% int., 10.125 A/17.854 A/17.818 A VMS 810 Wayne Twp. remainder pursuant to will.

JAN. 11

Shannon L. Harper to James B. Cunningham, 9.8887 A VMS 3103 Paint Twp, Danville Road.

Diane L. Rodden, Edward J. Rodden Jr. to Edward J. Rodden Jr., 4.1255 A VMS 7365 Concord Twp.

David B. Ellis, Lisa A. Ellis to Terry L. Welch, 75 Gilmore Eastview add 1958 Wash., $100,000, 305 Clearview Road.

JAN. 9

Alan R. Foster, Elizabeth K. Foster to Daniel D. Bebb, 2.1858 A VMS 4483 Union Twp., $167,000, 3395 SR 62 NE

Michael A. Beachy, Phyllis N. Beachy to Duane Troyer, Virginia Troyer, 3.806 A VMS 1839 etc Perry Twp./also 8.323 A Highland County, $45,600

Troy Noble, Troy A. Noble, Tory Noble Construction LLC to Logan Noble, 2.1676 A VMS 6281 etc Concord Twp., 5965 Worthington Road.

James Staffan to Torero RH Holding LLC, 1.2285 A VMS 1359 Union Twp.