Restaurant Inspections

The Fayette County Health Department completed the following inspections, according to reports:

FEB. 3

Don & Marty’s Corner Pizza, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Operation satisfactory.

FEB. 8

Village Pump & Pizza, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Dust needs cleaned off of fans in walk-in cooler and beverage air to prevent contamination, light bulb need covered in walk-in cooler in case of breakage to prevent contamination, parts of the floor in kitchen has tile missing all parts must be smooth and easily cleanable.

FEB. 9

Starlight Pizza, Bloomingburg. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Towels observed being used on shelving this is not a smooth and cleanable surface, corrected during inspection.

The Rusty Keg, 1801 Columbus Ave. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Ribs were observed thawing in still water at food prep sink, hand wash sink was being used for purposes other than hand washing, mold was observed in ice machine, clean this area frequently to avoid contamination this was corrected during inspection.

FEB. 13

Nagasaki, 240 E. Court Street. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Cleaning needs to be conducted throughout the establishment. Grease on Ansel system, floors and walls. Evidence of mice feces were observed in dry storage, dust on walk-in cooler fan, owner has until March 1 to comply with the notice written in October to install a new floor in the kitchen and dish washing area.