Restaurant Inspections

The Fayette County Health Department completed the following inspections, according to reports:

FEB. 3

American Legion, 1240 U.S. 22. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Wiping cloth was observed lying on counter, a thermometer is needed in the reach-in cooler, walk-in cooler needs lighting to be advanced to 10 foot candles.

Dairy Queen, 205 W. Court Street. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Operation satisfactory.

Willow Catering LLC, 213 Fairview Ave. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: No violations noted at time of inspection.

D.B. Yummers, 1114 Bush Road. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: No violations noted at time of inspection.

FEB. 6

Dragon Inn, 22 Washington Square. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: All time temperature controlled foods must be date marked seven days from preparation to limit growth of bacteria, there was no date marking in the walk-in cooler, raw meats were being stored above vegetables, management must observe proper ways to segregate food according to cooking temperatures to avoid contamination, observed staff using hand wash sink for washing pan or preparing food, cardboard must be removed from the walk-in cooler, there is dust on the Pepsi and reach in cooler that needs removed to avoid contamination, there needs to be light added in the back of the walk-in cooler to meet the 10 foot candle requirement for proper cleaning.

FEB. 7

Werner’s Pork House, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Operation satisfactory, no recommendations at this time.

FEB. 8

Pour Boys Brew house, 202 E. Court St. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Canned food in basement on shelf needs to be shielded from sewer line to prevent contamination, can opener has residue near blade, damp wash cloths were observed lying on counters, clear fan in beer reach-in cooler of an accumulation of dust.

FEB. 9

Dragon Inn, 22 Washington Square. Follow-up inspection. Comments/violations: Prior violations have been corrected.