STRS Rep speaks at Retired Teachers luncheon

By Bob Mowrey - Recording Secretary

John Buch, the member-education coordinator for the State Teachers Retirement System, was the guest speaker at the Feb. 2 meeting of the Fayette County Retired Teachers Association.

Buch began by reminding members that STRS does not make recommendations concerning retirement options. The materials that members receive in the mail and calls related to these options are not endorsed by STRS. As always, STRS remains neutral on retirement options available to members.

He distributed informative handouts which included contact numbers pertinent to STRS members, such as health care services. Buch closed by discussing recent developments at STRS. The board is studying the recommendations received from an actuarial study with the intention of improving the solvency of the retirement fund and the Ohio Health Care Program.

Members were reminded to update their information for the forthcoming printing of the new membership booklets.

A thank you note was read from the Well at Sunnyside showing their appreciation for the Christmas toy donations that FCRTA made in December.

The next meeting will be April 6 at Grace United Methodist Church at approximately 1 p.m. following the Lenten Luncheon. This meeting will be held in the small chapel. The speaker will be a representative from the Attorney General’s office, speaking on ID theft.

By Bob Mowrey

Recording Secretary