Restaurant Inspections

The Fayette County Health Department completed the following inspections, according to reports:

JAN. 4

Court House Manor, 555 N. Glenn Avenue. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Wiping cloth (moist) was observe lying on the counter.

JAN. 5

Waffle House, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Cooked sausage, eggs being stored under raw steak in reach-in cooler – corrected during inspection, reach-in cooler needs cleaned of food debris to avoid contamination, wiping cloth was observed lying instead of in sanitizing solution when not in use.

McDonald’s, 1401 Leesburg Avenue. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Sanitizer levels were not detected at dish washer – this is the second time this has happened – management needs to enact a policy to check those levels every day to ensure the proper dish washing methods to prevent contamination, scoop handle was lying in ice. These areas need cleaned of accumulated dust or food debris: fan in reach-in cooler near ice cream machine, orange juice machine, blender machine, automatic ice dispenser near drive through, french fryer grill of grease. Wiping cloths (wet) were observed lying, the true reach-in cooler needs a working thermometer to monitor proper cold holding temperatures to avoid contamination.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Customer self service pop nozzles need cleaned of accumulated mold/mildew to prevent possible contamination.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 342 W. Court St. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Operation satisfactory.

Burger King, 1666 Columbus Avenue. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Chili in reach-in cooler was measured at 50 degrees and must be held under 41 degrees or less, the chili was disposed, true reach-in cooler needs cleaned of food accumulation to limit growth of bacteria, there was an accumulation of dust on fans in the walk-in cooler.

JAN. 6

McDonald’s, 1401 Leesburg Avenue. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Levels good at dishwasher, repairman is coming out soon to address the issue, other cleanliness issues have received attention and meets standards.