Country Cooking with Lou Ann: Pumpkin Dip

By Lou Ann Thompson - R-H Circulation Clerk

Hello! This week’s recipe I have made so often.

As soon as I feel the crisp air or start seeing the pumpkins in the fields (or stores), I’m ready to make this dip.

I sometimes just bring this in to work with me for a quick easy treat. It seems it’s always a welcomed distraction to a busy workday.

This is one of those recipes that tastes like you “fussed” over it, but it’s quick and simple.

Pumpkin Dip

-1 large can of pumpkin

-4 cups of confectioners’ sugar

-2 (8 oz) packages of cream cheese (softened)

-4 tspn. of Cinnamon

-2 tspn. of ginger

-1/2 tspn. nutmeg

-1 small pumpkin, cut the top off and clean out the seeds

-apple slices and ginger snaps

First, in a large bowl combine all the above ingredients and mix well with a mixer. Then chill.

When you are ready to serve, pour the pumpkin mixture in the pumpkin and use the top of the pumpkin as a lid.

I usually serve this on a platter with apple slices and ginger snaps around it. It makes a pretty display on your table.


By Lou Ann Thompson

R-H Circulation Clerk